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Colaboração com Jay Tausig

Em breve será lançado a música "Seeing Is Believing", colaboração minha com o excepcional compositor multi instrumentista Jay Tausig, de Nevada, EUA. A música terá minha bateria e percussões e fará parte do álbum "Capricorn", o último álbum da série "Trip Around the Sun" da Jay Tausig. O álbum está em seus trabalhos finais e em breve estarei informando novidades.

Partnerships sounding on

Hey people! I'm in some partnerships now and maybe I'll get a little time without showing some new music here, mainly because this is not a job unfortunately and I have to work in other occupacys to get money home, so time don't let me do what I want the most part of it, and in the meantime I have my other bands SABADO 14 (reverbnation.com/sabado14) and COMANDOS to work with, plus I have this other partnerships going on to colaborate, but anyway...thanks for listening AleXperiments and I will be showing somethings new as soon as possible! Love

Second place in brazil's alternative rank

Cheers all you guys! I'm stoned to know that I got to the second place in Brazilian's Alternative rank! It's great! I'm very happy for this! Thanks every one that ever listen to my songs! And special thanks to my special musician partners who colaborated in some songs until now: Ricardo Küster (http://ricardokuster.com) and Jhon Baiano. Bye...

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