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NEW Enigmatic Flux album in the works!

"Transcendence" is one of the pieces of music from the soon to be released "Harmonic Meditations" album. Enjoy!

NEW Enigmatic Flux Song

Tranquility is something that we all need every now and then. Here is a good dose of "Tranquility" available for you anytime you need it. Enjoy!

Dave Riggins
Dave Riggins  (over 3 years ago)

Great pieces,Great compositions. Very talented...

NEW Song Uploaded

Within the past several weeks I’ve come across many people who have been continuously frustrated, angry, depressed, and fairly despondent. One of the reasons I’ve been creating music is to assist and help people in finding a temporary break from the stress that can build leading to some serious breaking points. With that said, here is a song off of the first Enigmatic Flux album (“The Sound of Nature Dreaming”) called “Awake in the Void”. This was composed as a tribute to the artist / album / song that inspired me to begin creating and performing this type of music. It’s one my favorites for drifting and mentally chilling out. This is the complete song – all 12:30 of it. So…stretch, sit back, and give it a listen. I will upload more soon.


New Release! Enigmatic Flux “Spectral Illusion”

This is the third Enigmatic Flux album. It is a very meditative collection of music. There are only four songs on it and the album length is an hour and fifteen minutes making it suitable for long sessions of meditation and deep relaxation.

Meditation Music

This is a great article about the benefits of using music with your meditation practice. The article is from: http://www.abc-of-meditation.com/info/meditation-music.asp Meditation Music

Nowadays, mp3 players are ubiquitous. No matter what they are doing or where they are, people seem to always have their earphones on. Mp3 players simply stand as proof to one truth: music is of the essence.

Music’s effect on human emotions is beyond dispute. People listen to music to suit their present moods, like when they seek sentimental songs when melancholy sets in; or to help them achieve a desired state of mind, like when they listen to soothing instrumentals to help them relax after a stressful day at work.

It comes as no surprise then when music is used during Meditation. The connection is in fact is almost intuitive that when you mention Meditation to the man on the street, a certain kind of music and setting immediately comes to mind.

Easing into a meditative state

Music can make people feel upbeat. It can also make people feel nostalgic. There’s also music for anger and rage. The same principle works when music helps people relax into a meditative state during Meditation.

Music designed for Meditation may not have the same effect on the different kinds of people who meditate. For some, a tranquil state of mind may be achieved easier with the smooth sounds from nature. Others may prefer the silky harmony of musical instruments, or of a subdued chorus of voices. But in general, meditation music is characterized by gentle notes and sounds, as in the sound made by flowing water of a brook gently cascading over little rocks or a soft and smooth sound of flute with that of a graceful violin.

How music aids in Meditation

Music affects our brain waves. The brain as we know is governed by small electrical impulses that travel across networks of neurons. Being such, these impulses vary their frequencies that correspond to certain states of mind. For instance, there’s a higher frequency when we are awake. So when a person listens to Meditation Music, the brain waves tend to lower its frequencies thus helping the person to achieve a meditative state.

In movies, connection between music and the brain is used extensively and effectively. In an action film, a loud and fast-paced soundtrack would be used to cause the heart to beat faster and the body to tense up, approximating the tension of the scenario on-screen. Conversely, Meditation Music causes the heart and the muscles in the body to relax. A relaxed body makes it easier for the mind to be relaxed as well.

Benefits of Meditation Music

The benefits of listening to Meditation Music are similar to the benefits of meditation practice itself. Meditation Music can help in calming the mind, therefore increasing one’s ability to focus. There can be physical benefits too since Meditation Music can aid a person to breathe more slowly and properly. Needless to say, stress—the bane of modern life—can be greatly minimized by listening to Meditation Music.

With these benefits in mind, perhaps it is time to include some Meditation Music in your mp3 player’s track list.

New Enigmatic Flux album...

The new Enigmatic Flux album will be available soon. Keep checking back for the release details.

Also, if you like the music of Enigmatic Flux, then you owe it to yourself to check out "Night Tides" with Renee Blanche. She will lead you on a 4 hour musical journey every Sunday evening.

This is a great music program. Every week Renee plays a variety of the best artists making it a perfect way to end your old week and begin your new week.

Listening to Night Tides often becomes an addictive, but healthy habit.

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