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Trinidad Comes To Idaho!

International Reggae Charts are playing "Khari Kill" every day and he is performing with VOR at the Rod and Gun Whitwater Saloon in Stanley this Friday 6/21 9pm, at the Boise Co-op 6/22 5pm and Reef same night 6/22 9pm. In July we will be headlining with him as his band for "Reggae On The Mountain" festival in Hailey 7/20

VAC Christmas Party

Sat 22nd is the Reggae ChristmasParty @ the VAC, are you all there? If you're Mayan, it's the first day of a whole new World! let's ring it in in STYLE..

Hey Hoony

Can't wait to hear your next show! Can I request a song?

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason  (about 5 years ago)


What's happenning with the VOR Fam??!!

Welcome to our blog...first one ever...don't know how it's supposed to work...always thought it was dorkie but I have an open mind and....well....here ya go. Any questions?!