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Post show Latitude 30

Saturday's show at Latitude 30 was a blast! Gwen Copeland was great, Dash was electrifying, Johnny Molinari was barefoot(cut his toe-ouch), Parker was smooth and me? Well you know how it goes, sometimes you get the bear-sometimes the bear gets you! Nuthin But The Blues!

Post show report-Gwen Copeland Debut Part 1

Last nights performance at T-Bags was an unqualified success! Gwen Copeland won the hearts and minds of our audience of new and old friends allike with her Bourbon Double-Shot Take No Prisoners style of performance and vocals. Dash Morgan, Johnny Molinari´╗┐ & Parker Townsend took the place by storm, "like the winds of three pieced hurricane'' laid down some of the best instrumentals that keep the audience howling for more! Don't Worry, those of you who missed it...you'll get your chance tonight when we move downtown to Latitude 30...show starts at 8:30pm...Don't be late!

Our new Vocalist is Gwen Copeland

She'll be making her debut with The Blues Posse this Friday at Texas Bar & Grill on N MOPAC from 9;30pm-1:30am and this Saturday at Latitude 30 from 8:30-11:15pm Come on out and meet her!

Post Sunday Veterans Benefit at the Brass House

That was a great time at the Brass House yesterday. As you may know it was to salute and benefit our wounded and fallen servicemen and women as well as our Veterans. Roll call was read. Honor was paid to the fallen. Just want to say thanks to Jace, Jason and Amanda and all the fine staff for having us out yesterday to the Brass House! What a great place...32 ch sound system, wonderful ambiance and furnishings, great service, Green Room and outdoor patio with fine seating. Extremely comfortable. We look forward to performing there again and I'll keep you posted!

Who's our new singer?

Well to answer that question her name is Gwen Copeland. She'll be performing with us on Friday 5/31 at Texas Bar & Grill, 14611 N MOPAC, Austin TX 78728 From 9:30pm-1:30am We hope you'll come out and show your support and meet her. She's a sweetheart and a singer of some talent...we think you'll be pleased. We are!

Who will be our new vocalist?

Stay tuned and keep your eye's peeled for our announcement on Sunday 5/26! Nuthin' But The Blues!

Last show for Jacqui Walker with The Blues Posse

Hello all you Blues Posse friends and fans! Things are a changing around in Austin, and here at The Blues Posse, the change is blowing this way too! We are proud and more than a little sad to announce that Jacqui Walker will be performing for her last time with The Blues Posse tomorrow night at The Westside Alehouse, so, if you want to see her perform one more time here in the Austin area with The Blues Posse you better make it down Friday 5/24 from 7-10pm to the Westside Alehouse in Round Rock! Jacqui has been performing with us starting in October of 2011 when she first started sitting in with us till she started performing with us on a regular basis in January 2012 and this last show with us will be May 24, 2013 making her time with us around 18 months. Jacqui has decided to begin her own band and we want to wish her all the best in her goals and hope that you do too. She will be missed by all of us. Seeing her leave is like watching your child leave home...a little sad and proud at the same time. Jacqui is very appreciative of all of your continued support and she would like to keep you all informed of her upcoming performances in and around the Austin area. Please drop by her website http://www.jacquiwalkermusic.com/ or "like" her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacqui-Walker/329756690380220 for her upcoming events and announcements.

post show Roadhouse report

We had a great show last night at the Roadhouse in Round Rock! Dash tore it up on guitar/vocals. Jacqui Walker blew em away with an overdose of 'da blues'! Johnny Molinari and Parker Townsend laid it down on the ''bottom end'' and at the end of the night Johnny Molinari kept it real with the classic Doors song-Roadhouse Blues which seemed perfectly fitting for this great crowd. We had a blast! Kudos go out to "Jo" and "Shayna" for taking care of this bunch! We'll be back at the Roadhouse on Friday July 26 with some more amazing music!

This Friday the Place to Be is The Roadhouse in Round Rock TX

Lost YOUR Mojo? Feeling DOWN? Do you want to get rid of that "Funky Feeling"? Then, it's time to "put your wig hat on" and "get your dancin shoes out the box" and come on out and get yourself some "Down Home Blues" from The Blues Posse. Feet's don't fail me now! We're gonna Boogie, Shuffle, Jump, Bump and Jive you back to where you belong, singing for you and get you dancin' till you can't dance no more! Tomorrow is Friday 5/17 and we'll be playing the blues for you at the Roadhouse, 1103 Wonder Dr, Round Rock, 78681 from 8pm-12am Don't be Square-Hope to see you there!

Evil Olive post report

Nice venue and the staff were great! Modest turnout for our first performance in San Antonio but there were a lot of our friends there that made the evening a great one...Thanks to our new Fans and Friends who danced all night long to every song...that was pretty cool! All in all we were very happy to have been there and we look forward to coming back again.