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Post Latitude 30 Show update

We had a fun show last night...Diamond Simon came out and filled in for a sick Dash Morgan-get well soon Dash! Rusty Keith-bass/vocals, Bill Ciccone-drums, Clyde Wayne Pulliam on sax, and Mercy Vice put on a great performance, despite the cold weather! Thanks to all our friends and fans who came out to support us last night! We had a blast!

tonight 12/7/13 Latitude 30

Big show tonight with Mercy Vice on vocals, Dash Morgan on guitar, Special Guest performers-Rusty Keith on bass, Bill Ciccone on drums, Special guests: Gary GMAN Singleton from San Antonio on guitar & vocals and Wayne "Clyde Wayne" Pulliam on sax. Now you know the place to be is Latitude 30 and if you ain't there, well you know what that means....you missed it! Nuthin But The Blues!

Whats up this weekend?

Scheduled outdoors for Friday at Westside Alehouse, 7-10pm but looks like this show will be canceled due to bad weather! Scheduled indoors for Saturday at Latitude 30, 8:30-11:15pm with special guest Gman Singleton joining us on guitar from San Antonio. Mercy Vice will also be there! Hope you can make it too!

Post show The Brass Tap 11/30/13

Another wonderful nite of Nuthin' But The Blues! A packed house till they closed the doors! The Brass Hose remains our favorite place to perform at in Round Rock! We're due to return on the 27th of December. We're working on a new CD before the end of the year!! I'd like to thank Frank DeMar for joining us for our second set. What a killer sax player! Dash was absolutely stoked as were we all!!!! I'd like to thank Jeannie Marie for her support tonight as well as Debbie Jayne. Kudos to Tom from Scotland for dropping by. He has a son who lives in Round Rock and has been a staunch supporter for our last three shows and bringing his family out to support us! We love you all...Nuthin' But The Blues!!!!

Post show report from The Brass Tap

Just finished playing to a completely packed house all night long at The Brass Tap! Woo Hoo! Diamond Diamond Simon came out and e basically played our first CD to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd! I can't wait to play next week at the same place, the same time at The Brass tap on 11/30,9-12!!!

Gettin Ready for The Brass Tap in Round Rock TX

That's right! A very cool venue with about 200 beers on tap! You know that any place that has a phone number ending in 512 341-BEER has got their shit together! Come have a brew, listen to some great blues, and get down with The Blues Posse! Nuthin' But The Blues! 11/23/13 from 9pm-12am Hope to see you there!

post show report from The Skylark Lounge show 11/16/13

Now that's what I'm talkin bout! The Skylark Lounge was packed SRO for Miss Lavelle White. Real hot and smokin! Wonderful performance! We came on after and continued the stream with some steamin' red hot blues, while the dancers packed the floor where ever there was space to dance! We were joined by the one and only Soul Man Sam, and the place went wild. It was a great night! We'll be back at The Skylark Lounge on 12/21. They might even have their liquor license by then! What a party that's gonna turn out to be!

11/2/13 post show update Latitude 30

Excellent turnout last night at Latitude 30! Packed house, lots of dancers, great response! One of the best nights at Latitude 30 in a long time...Management was just tickled to death! There was a number of people who found out about the show from the Austin Blues Society, and we wanna give a shout out to them for their sending new fans and friends our way! Woo Hoo! I'd like to thank the members of the staff for taking such great care of the huge crowd and us of course! Thank YOU! We're looking forward to Each First Saturday of the Month at Latitude 30 and we hope to see you next time on 12/7/13.

O'Brien's Irish Pub post show update

Small but enthusiastic crowd on a beautiful Friday night! Thanks to our new friends and fans! The band was outstanding and Mercy Vice captured the crowd! Thanks to the fine staff at O'Briens for taking such good care of everyone!

Mercy Vice debut

What a great debut performance Mercy Vice! Sensational is the word! Dash Morgan tore it up on guitar , Johnny Molinari killed it on bass, Parker Townsend was awesome on drums and the audience was HUGE! We filmed and recorded last nights show and we'll have the video and audio posted to YouTube and on a new CD ASAP! Thanks to all of our friends who came out to see us again! Big thank you to all our new found friends & fans! We love you and thank you very much. We really appreciate the fine folks at Brass House for taking such good care of us!