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Post Beer Bar post show update

Great crowd! Lots of fun! Woo hoo!

Sahara Lounge post show update

Small but enthusiastic crowd! Thanks to all who showed up.We had a a great time playing for you!!!

The Sahara Lounge show tonight

Next show TONIGHT, 10/12 The Sahara Lounge Doors open 7pm Showtime 7:30-9:30pm Join us for an "evening of the blues"! If you haven't be to The Sahara Lounge, you're missing out! If you haven't seen The Blues Posse then you should check us out! Did I forget to tell you that we have some very special guests coming out? Now you know what tonight's all about, What are you waiting for?

It's Monday

Hey Everybody,It's Monday! We're already getting ready for the weekend! We have our First show at The Sahara Lounge this Sunday 10/12 from 7:30-9:30 and we would like to have a good first show turnout. Lets make The Sahara Lounge a breakout event! Hope to see y'all there! Nuthin' But The Blues! plus a whole lot more

Post show update Westside Alehouse

Beautiful times last night, Andrea Dawson was Awesome! Perfect Weather!

Jam session @ The Skylark Lounge

Headin' out to The Skylark Lounge tonight for the Jam with Jose "Sweet Tone" Ruiz If you haven't been there, you can bring your own bottle! At least until they get their liquor license. Nuthin But The Blues!

This weekend 10/3 & 4

I was just thinking, 52 times a year "it" happens! Yeah, Baby, you know what I'm talkin' bout...Hah Hah Hah, Hah hah! Come on now say it...Say it...Yeah, It's Hump Day Baby! Woo Hoo! Just think that if and your significant other got it on on Hump Day your baby would be soooo happy! Hump Day helps get you through Monday & Tuesday so you can start preparing for the Weekend! Good times a comin' your way this weekend with The Blues Posse performing this Friday at Westside Alehouse out in the Beer Garden where you can eat some delicious food and partake of some awesome beverages and get your Blues Fix all at the same time. In case you haven't heard the weather promises to be superb! Saturday night we'll be at Latitude 30 for our regular First Saturday showcase and another reason to get out of the confines of your pad and catch the "Blues Fever"! Hope to see you there! Nuthin But The Blues plus a whole lot more!

East End 4th Friday post show update

Imagine more than twenty young-uns singing and dancin' to the blues, on-stage and doing it well! Well, that's what The Ortega Elementary SuperStar Band is all about! The opening act for yesterday's showcase at Kenny Dorham's Backyard. We followed the Super Stars and had a most enthusiastic audience as well! We were followed by The Eastside Blues Syndicate who were outstanding! Great times! Great music...did I forget to mention the amazing BBQ and FREE BEER!

Blues Is Alright Backyard Blues Jam Sessions

Went to a couple of my friends house for one of the Best Jam Sessions ever...Acoustic w several Dobro's, Sax, harmonica's, guitars, and some of the best singers and talent I've had the pleasure of playing with in a long time!

need help for those who took photos of our show

I need some help...during our last gig at Westside Alehouse on the 5th one of our friends was taking some photos. I need to get in touch with him to get some photo's that he took when Shelby Cheyenne was playing with us. If anyone else took some photos of this show we'd be most grateful to get some of them for a photo album we want to create! Thanks for your support and help! You can post them on FB or send them via email to me at mrjamieharp@sbcglobal.net