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Ov the God Reborn Lyrics

I am usurper ov darkest throne, i am eternal

I await the power to rule the world into the blackened earth

I will slave all child to redemption, pledge in blood to summon my Master

Revelation shall be taken and i owe my soul to my Holy Satan

Pray for me to obtain constancy, serve to me to alter purity

Bring forth decades ov the cuelty darkness

Turn thyself to demon in my majesty

The realm ov pain, the realm ov fire

I proclaim thy Master

Bring to the gates ov the mighty power (the lords ov chaos)

I shall rise thy fire

burn all the realm ov the purest existence (i am reborn)

Now i am shall domination on our forced conquered

Abomination, malice them born

I impending elder vision, seeking troghout my ambition

Lords ov serpent, i am your envoy

Obey the path to the infidel state, paganism served

Religion is our savior, your so delusion

Gods ov flame, Gods ov fury, Gods ov rage, Gods ov dream

Gods ov truth, Gods ov lameness, Gods ov chaos

I turned into your God

Ov the God Reborn Download Link

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