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Im Back

What it do world?! Im back and heading back to the top of the charts

Feature me today!!! cheap, cheap, cheap!!!!

My regular rate is $250.00, but for right, I'll do 3 verses for $300.00 and 1 verse for $150.00. Hit me up, this is only for the holidays. Much Love, StaxxFlo


I'm lookin for some show to do and I'm shoppin my album to A&R's, do you know any? If you can help, let me know, I could use it. Thanks

Stack or Starve

Check out the songs!!!! Album is coming out soon. I got HAYSTAK, YOUNG BUCK, BRABO GATOR, STIX IZZA, FATHER JAH, & many many more features on the album. Check it out and send me some feedback. "WHEN WE RIDE" is my single.

Stack or Starve

It's ya boy StaxxFlo, I got Young Buck, Haystack, Brabo Gator, Father Jah, and Many many more features on the album. For info and booking call 502-224-1301.