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The year in review..

Been a great rebuilding year for us as a band. We have been working hard on our live shows and really hard on getting the new album done while being on the road as much as we are. This past year we have met all sorts of people out there on the road..some nice..some kind beyond belief. We have played huge shows to shows where we still just play the bar staff but every night we give it our all. We are very excited for the new album and really can't wait to get it out there for our fans..it really is a new sound that we believe is missing today. Wanted to send a huge THANK YOU out to all of our friends and families that have supported us through all of the hard times.. We really appreciate it and will never forget it. Hope everyone can make it out for our last 2 shows of the year if not, we hope to see you on the road. Have a safe and happy holidays..

music business!!

i have alot to learn about the business side of the music i love!! i wish it wasnt a part of it but it is! so im doing my best and hoping for the best! here goes nothin!!