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band mates?

reverbnation i have no band mates i write everything & play everything myself. blackmirage

the truthe

feel free to let me now what tunes you dont like from black mirage. godbless.

be real

dont become a fan for your ranking's on reverb godbless.

thank you

thank you all for listening to the tune's ive writen. godbless & keep on rockin. luv black mirage.

all is played & writen by me.black mirage

i play all of my instruments & sing .totally solo.

black mirage richard michael pomerleau

i have been in many bands but will never put the music we wrote together on any site. these are some of the songs ive writen solo. godbless.

thank you

thank you reverbnation,to all the bands & musicians keep on writing. godbless

do you write

do you write everything yourself? if not shut up.