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More Tracks to Come

So, heard from my guy at the studio last night, and we're just trying to get our schedules synced. Sounds like next week sometime, but in the meanwhile...here's a little something I'm working on for a special opener at church:

I used to be a man of constant sorrow- Living a life with no hope for tomorrow- Used to beg & barrow, or steal when I had to- Get me through the day-to-day & what-have-you- I didn't even know what I didn't know was killing me- Caught up in the ways of this world that were filling me- Holding me down, but that's not really true- 'Cuz the choice was always mine to do what I do-

That's it for now, but stay tuned for more!


1st time for everything

so, this is officially the 1st blog for secondhand kings! i've been trying to drum up more fan activation, but it still seems i get a lot of friends checking the page, listening to the track, watching the video, hitting the "i like" button, and then peacing out! what gives? it's just a different button that says "become fan"...it's right by the other button you've been hitting. well, it's only been a couple of days, so i guess i shouldn't be too frustrated. for any and all reading this and checking our page, we hope to have some more tracks added soon! thanks for any and all support!

stay tuned