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Hi Fans!

I have missed posting on Reverbnation and so here I am. I have been through such an epic journey in New York and in my music career thus far. Every day I work to strengthen myself and my spirit.

I am desiring to be able to stay in NYC and to continue to make amazing masterpiece music and I need your help to keep doing that! I appreciate all your support.

Please go to www.patreon.com/danimusicnow as soon as you see this to hear my new song (vintage soul alternative melancholy pop) and to support me!

There are fun and cool rewards for your continued support and you can also make some suggestions that I might be able to add ;)

I am deeply grateful for all your adoration and can't wait to start recording my new album!

See you soon.

With Luminosity,


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Subway Inspiration

I just played on the subway! 59th Columbus Circle...

It was my first ever time playing and I was a little disheartened when people didn't seem to listen and with the noise of the trains etc...

But then this one guy made a lovely comment even though he didn't have any money to give me and this inspired me to keep going.

SO, after that I made a little bit of money and people were listening to me and saying cool things, and even though my voice was SHOT trying to sing over all the trains busting by, I went home feeling I had given a little bit to the people.

Now I know that just when I feel like I am about to give up, I can't and have to keep going no matter what.

My little bit of love for the day.

Keep Going.

Dani T

Release my Art.

I am empowered and feeling a new sense of direction within my music and my life... For so long I almost forgot the reason I was doing the music in the first place. The reason I came to New York. The reason I sacrificed so much.

But I realise I have accomplished so much this last year. My biggest success being re-learning to play the guitar, And performing it for the first time in the first year in this huge city full of eclectic individuals.

And i will be honest, the money situation is the toughest its ever been, and just when I think to myself 'I am sick of being a starving artist' I remind myself that I am living my dream and on the way to better times ahead, and am always enjoying my art.

So. My Art. My Voice. My Music. My Craft. The reason I live.

It is time to be an artist and do what the hell I want but also give some inspiration back to the people.

So.. Rock on with your bad self.