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Pennsylvania Trip 2013

So we started out Saturday afternoon with Colin, Jeannette, David, John Wilson, and John Franklin who handled most of the driving. The trip up was about 7 hours. The poets in Disciple, Pillar, Demon Hunter and others occupied our time while we drove--and as with every trip that involves time in Ohio--we got rained on. I would probably die of surprise if we traveled through Ohio without rain. Then we hit PA. If you have never been, Pennsylvania is just a beautiful state. We spent Saturday night at our first guitar player Brandon Hanna's house. We chatted old times, watched hockey, and had some of the finest bbq chicken imaginable. Hanna would crush Bobby Flay on the grill. Sunday we shot over to Dixonville to the Solid Rock and Metal Fest 7. We were part of a very diverse lineup that featured numerous bands including Grave Robber, The Rose Hill, and We the Gathered and the amazing Chris Bernstorf (if you haven't heard this cat bring the Word--you are missing out). We had a blast and the set went well. Pastor Ray who organized the festival is one genuine dude who loves Jesus and loves introducing youth to them. It was a blast! Then came the fun part--10 more hours of driving to get home and get everyone back to their houses. During this one old ritual and one new came about. The old.......IHOP. Oh yes--what it is a band trip without the Breakfast Sampler. And.....Colin discovered "Mini-Jugs" of Milk and Sweet Tea. The father north you get, the less places have sweet tea (so crazy I know.......). We stopped at a gas station.......and Colin had bought a "mini-jug" of Sweet Tea--looked just a gallon of tea--just one-eighth its size. Any time we hit PA from now on--we will not leave without a mini-jug of sweet tea. It will happen.....

Until next time GC Peeps......


What an awesome show! We left Lexington the night before and traveled to Peoria, Illinois. We discovered on the way that our front brakes were not in good condition. So Kyle went Saturday to fix the brakes. He was approached by a retiree from the state of Illinois who offered to help. "Chris" as he called himself got us back rolling again in 20 minutes flat. What a great guy! Thanks to him we were able to continue rolling safe and sound.

We hit the Cornerstone farm about 2 hours before our performance. Despite it being well over 100 degrees we met so many nice people who just flat love to rock. We had a great crowd that grew from the start of our set, and the people at the Impact Stage couldn't have been better hosts. We are truly saddened that Cornerstone is closing shop after this year.

We also have added several more shows for the rest of the year, and will be making a stop in Venus, PA to rock out at the Youth for Purity event. We can't wait to make some new friends up North!

WE NEED YOU!! Ways you can help GodCry!

We have been blessed this year with many opportunities to go away from the friendly confines of KY and rock with some new friends. However, we aren't able to escape the economy or the fact that everyone has it hard these days and we need funding. We could really use your help.

We have songs for sale online on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and the like. For .99 cents you can help us keep going and get a cool tune in return. We also can accept donations at our paypal of rckforjesus@gmail.com. We are not considered a charitable entity by the IRS so your gift wouldn't be tax deductible, but it would certainly help us keep rocking out and reaching people for the Lord. If you would love to help and simply cannot, we can always use prayer : )

If you would like to send a donation or assist in some other way, email us at godcryrock@gmail.com and we can get you more information.

Times are really tough and we hope that you are your family lean on the Lord for strength and keep him at the center. We really appreciate you taking the time to read this and God bless you!!

In Christ, GodCry