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New Voice of Da South Get It Now @ http://www.datpiff.com/Krusaphixxx-New-Voice-Of-Da-South-mixtape.421922.html

Music Industry!!!!!!

I've been creating music for a long time now; I come from an era where in order to be large in hip hop you had to be nice on the mic and with your lyrics. Now all you have to do is have an image or talk about this that most rappers have never seen. When will we as artist take a stand and change hip hop back into hip hop. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking anyone for the style and type of music that they do, but do the music that you want and not let the powers that be tell you that you have to do this type or that type of music in order to be successful. I and many other talented artists might never see anything but our thin following that we have because we refuse to have someone else create our image and our music. The industry know that most of the artist that are doing music are poor or come from poverty stricken neighborhoods, so they throw a few thousand their way, give them a nice ride and house, then grease all that stuff up real good turn it sideways then rape them mentally and financially until they can't any more. TO ALL ARTIST IF YOU DON'T MAKE MUSIC FOR THE INDUSTRY WHAT CAN THEY SELL? HOW CAN THEY MAKE MONEY? WE ARE HIP HOP MC’s, D.J.'s, B-BOY's, & GRAFITTI. AND TO ALL D.J.'s BREAK MUSIC BECAUSE IT'S HOT AND NOT BECAUSE YOU GOT PAID!!! REAL D.J.'s BREAK MUSIC!!!!