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Our journey to the new album release June 18th part 1 of 2

Greetings Mythians, Mythologians, Mythbusters, Mythspankers, and other silly names for Oblivion Myth fans worldwide...

Today is a big day for the band. The long journey of making our 2nd studio album is finally ended. We have delivered our masters and artwork to the printers for CD production.

Soon after we'll iron out our digital distribution and sales online as well.

It's been over 9 months really - just like having a baby it seems. Some obstacles and some surprises along the way. Who knew quoting a Bible verse comes with copyright issues? Talk about money changers in the temple! Well, you roll with it. Some versions are more lenient than others, so you use that version, although that means maybe the poetry of the language that attracted you to a certain verse gets changed.

June 18 2016 is going to be our CD release party and for various reasons we have chosen Main Street club in Murfreesboro, TN, about 20 miles south of Nashville.

Main Street is a very large, nice, fun club to play at. It can hold more people than a lot of the clubs up in Nashville, and we are friendly with ownership and the booking agent there.

We do consider ourselves a Nashville band, but opportunity, timing, and such dictated that we have our CD release in the best venue available, and that was undeniably Main Street.

80-odd hours to record. 200-odd hours to mix and master. 9 months of working on weekends on the recordings, the CD art, the concept, endless discussions, brainstorming, and that is just the CD production part. We spent the whole summer prior taking these 11 new songs and recording them as demos, seeing what we had, so that we could go into the studio prepared to track them. it was wise and useful - we did no writing in the studio - the songs were ready to track when we walked in, and we knew what we wanted to do with them.

we're on the air right now!

We're on the air!!! http://metalheadradio.ning.com

in the 2nd hour, 6pm CST radio interview

ahhh they're playing our interview in the 2nd hour 6pm CST, stay tuned and rock out! http://metalheadradio.ning.com

radio interview in 1 hour

in 1 hour the 1st Oblivion Myth radio interview of 2016! TUNE IN! http://metalheadradio.ning.com

Radio Interview this Thursday March 24th at 5pm CST

Tune in this Thursday, March 24th, at 5pm CST to Breaking Metal Radio for the 1st in a long time radio interview with Oblivion Myth vocalist Tim McDonald and guitarist Keith Smith with DJ hosts Kyle Nidiffer and Kevin Newman with Breaking Metal. There are special surprises in the show, tune in and turn it up! http://metalheadradio.ning.com

Happy New Album part 3 of 3

What's left? We haven't heard the final mixes yet. We haven't done our photo shoot yet. We haven't gotten a final cover art / CD booklet design, although we are working on it, and we haven't sent this to the printers to have physical CDs made. We need new tshirts. Looks like that will happen in February.

If all goes well, we release in March 2016. This has taken much longer than I expected, but we think it will be worth it. We want Andy to take all the time he needs to do the best job he can.

Hopefully March will begin our promotional campaign for this CD. We need to perform live, and we need to sell some merch to offset our production costs. All just realities of this business.

It's funny because to me, these songs are already a year old it seems, and I am already thinking about the next CD, the next batch of songs, and what comes after this. I hope that we'll make this an annual thing, and I hope we'll return to the studio this fall for our 3rd CD. I've already got several songs in mind, and so does Keith. We might just throw a ballad at you next time :)

God Bless You all in Jesus' name...

Tim McDonald Oblivion Myth

Curtis Erdek
Curtis Erdek  (about 1 year ago)

i cant wait to hear it! i know how hard everyone hasw worked to make this project a success!!!

Curtis Erdek
Curtis Erdek  (about 1 year ago)

i cant wait to hear it! i know how hard everyone has worked to make this project a success!!!

Happy New Album part 2 of 3

For me, this is the fulfillment of an awful long career that's gone nowhere. But here I am still slugging it out trying to do something and find little ways to hop back on stage and do what I enjoy. It's surprisingly hard to do this. To be in a band. To keep the band together. To get a gig. To play the gig. Remarkably difficult to build it up and keep it going. It's really a "coalition of the willing" because there isn't really any money in playing music anymore, if there ever was, those days are gone for all but the 1% at the top of the industry. When you don't get paid much, or you can't pay much, then you are dealing with people who either want to do this for the love of music and art, or they don't. Finding good players like that isn't easy.

I know Keith particularly has been trying to get this 2nd album going for quite some time now, and I have had strong feelings of being sent to help get this done, I have some particular things I can contribute to the effort, and help push it over the top. Since we aren't a "signed" band with label support (whatever it is they actually do for you...) we are funding this out of our own pockets. Since we have actual jobs, recording has happened on weekends only. That's really why this CD has taken nearly half a year to be completed. I know Bob has been there much of the way with Keith and they are such cool guys, I feel inspired to help get this done, to be the X factor, to push it over the top and make it really happen. Obviously we are all doing work here, all contributing here, all paying out of our own pockets here, I can't take any more than my own slice of credit, but I definitely feel like I was sent to get this done and make it finally happen... the long-awaited 2nd CD for Oblivion Myth.

Happy New Album part 1 of 3

Greetings Mythians, Mythologians, Mythbusters, and Mythmonsters,

Three weeks. Three mo' weeks. Then our producer Andy Freeman expects to deliver a finished work to us. The new album, the band's second album, which we have titled "Inside The Mirror".

Sixty-two minutes of music, 11 original songs, 80 hours of recording.

Although there is a song on the album called "Inside the Mirror", I don't believe one song entirely sums up what is at work here, but as we considered different names it always came back to the idea that the struggle is real, it is internal, and we fight our own battles inside our hearts and minds, struggling with powers and principalities. Of all the songs and all their names, the essential truth of what we are saying here is indeed, All Inside The Mirror. I liked this title because it sounded thoughtful, but not pretentious.

We have a photo shoot scheduled for January 30th, and it will also include our special guests Curtis Erdek, Catheryn Barber, and Eric Smith. I think it's been a great experience having "guest stars" from among the local rock bands on our CD, it has made it better, a more interesting and richer work. Certainly Catheryn's mezzo-soprano voice added a great deal of choir-like sounds to two of the songs in particular, but she also showed her gritty rock voice too in a duet with me that I simply can't wait for everyone to hear, and we got a chance to capture Eric's amazing voice on one of our songs too. Curtis not only did a fine job of being our recording engineer, he's a a really good guitar player in his own right with years of experience, and I was very happy to have him play guitar solos on two of the songs.

METAL IN Murfreesboro this Saturday August 29th!!

METAL in Murfreesboro this Saturday….

August 29th, 2015 Main Street Music 527 W Main St, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129

Dark Slate Promotions Presents: Oblivion Myth , VAHALLA, Doc Sinister, Flawless Pursuit. Cover $8 Doors at 7pm 18+ for show. One awesome show!!!


Recording commences this Saturday!!

This past weekend rehearsal @DiamondSoundTN Bob Schultz recording drums this Saturday for second CD with Audiotopia!