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What Oblivion Myth is all about.

Nashville power metal band OBLIVION MYTH tell epic stories of the War between Light and Shadow, the powers of Good against the forces of darkness, and the Struggle each human undergoes, with our souls the prize in the mighty cosmic Battle. Featuring crunching guitars, thundering drums, rumbling bass, and soaring melodies, OBLIVION MYTH brings these vivid tales to life in song, telling the stories that answer the questions of: Why we are here? Where we are going? and, What we will be doing in the afterlife? We believe in God and His Son Jesus our Savior and our mission is to bring that message of God’s love through our music to the people. God is real and there is a Heaven and there is a Saviour and with that faith and the name of our band, our motto became “Eternity is Real – Oblivion is just a Myth.” Our music believes that you and I, and all the other you’s and I’s of this world, are special, unique, valuable, and that you *matter*. You have no idea how precious you are, and how much energy is being spent on directing you to your eventual Destiny by powers and principalities that you’ve heard about, but may not yet grasp, or understand how they are at work in your lives. OBLIVION MYTH’s music is dedicated to you, and to everyone, a gathering of souls who are themselves the treasure. We hope our music and the stories we tell will make you think, and feel, and realize that you’re a miracle when you look into the mirror. You have incredible worth, and you have been bought and paid for. When you start to understand the struggle for You, the prize, this cosmic treasure, so much of your daily life will start to make sense. You will realize the hands of these powers in your life as they struggle to drag you down, or lift you up. You’ll see things a little differently. The new album is out and we are always open for bookings. Please email OblivionMyth@gmail.com with any opportunities!

new album now available on iTunes!

the new Oblivion Myth album "Inside The Mirror" is now available on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/inside-the-mirror/id1127508298

Pre-Order new album "Inside The Mirror" available July 8th

Pre order the new album "Inside the Mirror" https://www.amazon.com/Inside-Mirror-Oblivion-Myth/dp/B01HHGWXYA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1467380992&sr=8-3&keywords=oblivion+myth

Oblivion Myth returns to the Nashville Airwaves on METAL WORKS!

TUNE IN TONIGHT from 9pm to 11pm to Lonn David on METAL WORKS to hear more singles from our new album..... http://1059therock.iheart.com/onair/metal-works-56273/ https://itunes.apple.com/…/guest-tim-baker-cir…/id564545982…

Oblivion Myth returns to Heavy Metal mayhem Radio Show!

This is the 2nd Oblivion Myth interview from June 5th, 2016 for the new album "Inside The Mirror" to be released one week from today= June 18th at our live concert at Main Street Music Venue in Murfreesboro with special guests Medicine Mann and Threshing Floor. In this interview you will hear more new music from this new album. TUNE IN TONIGHT from 9pm to 11pm to Lonn David on METAL WORKS to hear more singles from our new album..... http://1059therock.iheart.com/onair/metal-works-56273/ https://itunes.apple.com/…/guest-tim-baker-cir…/id564545982…

New Oblivion Myth music heard on iHeart Radio June 11th!

This Saturday Night June 11th from Nashville on 105.9 The Rock on the radio show METAL WORKS with DJ Lonn David 9pm to 11pm CST, you can hear brand new Oblivion Myth music from the new album "Inside The Mirror" coming out June 18th which will be an album release show LIVE on stage at Main Street Music in Murfreesboro, TN, the entire 67 minute album performed live and on the web through the Oblivion Myth youtube channel! TUNE in to the radio show METAL WORKS on 105.9 The Rock in Nashville which is also Live on the web through the iHeart Radio Network! http://1059therock.iheart.com/onair/metal-works-56273/

June 18th, Murfreesboro, TN

17 more days until show time! we've got some great bands opening the night for us in Murfreesboro, TN June 18th at Main Street Music Venue…..


Check out the music of Medicine Mann & Threshing Floor!



Oblivion Myth will be performing the entire 67 minute new album. Some songs you will recognize, some will be completely new to you. You can hear some of this new music on our ReverbNation profile...


and radio interviews...



See you soon!

Keith Smith

Our journey to the new album release June 18th part 2 of 2

Can't thank our recording engineer Curtis Erdek, and our producer Andy Freeman enough. They both did remarkable jobs. Curtis gave us an environment where things ran like an well-oiled machine and we were able to do our tracking with a minimal of delays, technical issues, or anything distracting. He was a great coach and gave us the feedback we needed about whether or not something needed to be done again, done better, or not done quite like that at all..

And then Andy Freeman took this jellyfish of files and tracks and sonic fury and proceeded to beat it into something resembling a professional album release. He added keyboards, orchestration, backup vocals, filled in all the bare corners and plain walls. The end result is amazing, and it makes you appreciate what a team effort it truly is to create a music CD.

We had a couple of revisions with him and a couple of mix and masters, and the 2nd one he delivered really knocked our socks off - it is the one you'll be hearing June 18th. I think it's heavy as lead and bright as the sun!

At times like this you reflect back on where you've been and what you did to reach this point. Knowing that I'm finally going to have a CD release for the first time in my struggling-mostly music career is a pretty sweet feeling. Doesn't matter to me that it probably won't go platinum (wink)... the sheer amount of effort it took to will this thing into being was plenty of work, that holding in our hands will be reward enough.

Not tonight... but there's a champagne bottle in my future that I'll pop when we get these discs in our hands.

Until then, hug your children, kiss your loved ones, tell them you care, count your blessings, and try to give yourself some approval and love and a little pat on the back. Life's hard. You've earned it. Every day you fight on through is a good day, and you deserve to give yourself a little recognition for it.

"Inside The Mirror" is finally done. And now my thoughts will begin to turn to the sequel, to the band's 3rd studio album, that I very much want to start on this fall, and make it an annual effort.

I've already got 3 or 4 songs that I think are going to turn out really nice... and i know Keith's song backlog is kind of like Santa Claus' gift bag on his sleigh. There's always another one in there...

God Bless You,

Tim McDonald Oblivion Myth

Mark Beasley
Mark Beasley  (7 months ago)

Can't wait brothers!

Our journey to the new album release June 18th part 1 of 2

Greetings Mythians, Mythologians, Mythbusters, Mythspankers, and other silly names for Oblivion Myth fans worldwide...

Today is a big day for the band. The long journey of making our 2nd studio album is finally ended. We have delivered our masters and artwork to the printers for CD production.

Soon after we'll iron out our digital distribution and sales online as well.

It's been over 9 months really - just like having a baby it seems. Some obstacles and some surprises along the way. Who knew quoting a Bible verse comes with copyright issues? Talk about money changers in the temple! Well, you roll with it. Some versions are more lenient than others, so you use that version, although that means maybe the poetry of the language that attracted you to a certain verse gets changed.

June 18 2016 is going to be our CD release party and for various reasons we have chosen Main Street club in Murfreesboro, TN, about 20 miles south of Nashville.

Main Street is a very large, nice, fun club to play at. It can hold more people than a lot of the clubs up in Nashville, and we are friendly with ownership and the booking agent there.

We do consider ourselves a Nashville band, but opportunity, timing, and such dictated that we have our CD release in the best venue available, and that was undeniably Main Street.

80-odd hours to record. 200-odd hours to mix and master. 9 months of working on weekends on the recordings, the CD art, the concept, endless discussions, brainstorming, and that is just the CD production part. We spent the whole summer prior taking these 11 new songs and recording them as demos, seeing what we had, so that we could go into the studio prepared to track them. it was wise and useful - we did no writing in the studio - the songs were ready to track when we walked in, and we knew what we wanted to do with them.