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NEW CD release by NAXOS

My CD "de profundis" with the New Hellenic Quartet, is available for downloading by iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kontogiorgos-string-quartet/id731098101?ls=1 and by amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Kontogiorgos-String-Quartet-Mothers-Mixitropia/dp/B00G3Z08SU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382858810&sr=8-2&keywords=kontogiorgos


World premiere of my recent composition for Piano Trio entitled "Flowing Memories", on April 15. Anthology of music for Piano Trio, Porphyrogenis Foundation, Agria, Magnisia, Hellas

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Anne Goldberg, English horn: Call for Scores

Selected Scores will be performed on March 10,2013, at Jan Hus Church, Manhattan, New York City, NY.


Review of the December 9, 2012: My Dad's Violin concert

Here is the very first review of the December 9, 2012 Composer's Voice: My Dad's Violin concert with Katrazyna Bryla performing my composition “Lugi Montanari 1904” ! http://www.voxnovus.com/NM421/issue/12-12-22.htm

Film shooting

The award-winner violinist Regi Papa from Julliard is shooting my composition entitled “Luigi Montanari 1904”, part of the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame program for the "My Dad's Violin" film project, on Friday, November 30 in New York City!


I had a great time from 8 to 10 of August in Thessaloniki recording with the New Hellenic Quartet for an upcoming CD release. The recording included Mixitropia, and my String Quartets No. 2 (de profundis) and No. 3 (Byzantine)!

List of Concerts

April 26, 2013: World premiere of Christos Hatzis/George Kontogiorgos compositions entitled "Dominance" and "One Unwithering Rose" for Piano Trio by Maria Pikoula, piano (Hellas), Volodja Balzalorsky, violin (Slovenia), Seeli Toivio, cello (Finland). EVMELIA International Music Festival, Porphyrogenis Foundation Hall Agria, Hellas. _______________________________________

April 15, 2013: World premiere of my composition for Piano Trio "Following Memories" by Ng Chong Lim, piano (Malaysia), Franziska Hölscher, violin (Germany), Miranda Harding, cello (UK). EVMELIA International Music Festival, Porphyrogenis Foundation Hall, Agria, Hellas. _______________________________________

March 10, 2013: World premiere of my composition entitled “Meditation on Mount Pelion” for solo English horn as part of the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame of the Composer’s Voice concert series, by Anne H. Goldberg. Jan Hus Church, Manhattan New York City NY, USA. _________________________________________

December 9, 2012: World premiere of my composition "Luigi Montanari 1904", as part of the Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame program "My Dad's Violin" film project, by the violinist Katarzyna Bryla. Hus Church, Manhattan New York City NY, USA. _________________________________________

January 20, 2012: “Searching for the light of music in the darkness of today” Stathis Mavromatis (saxophone) and Spyros Papatheodorou (piano) performing my new composition, entitled "Swing-time for Centaurs", at Filippos Nakas Conservatory Concert Hall, Athens, Hellas. _________________________________________

October 8, 2011: Lorenda Ramou (piano) plays my 4 mvt. composition "The Cycle of Clair", at "Bellonion" Cultural Center in Fira, Santorini, Hellas. _________________________________________

September 25, 2011: Pavlos Kanellakis - Guitar Recital, performs the "Cadenza" from my Guitar Concerto, at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Charlemont​ House, Parnell Square North, Dublin, Ireland. _________________________________________

September 24, 2011: "MY MUSIC AND MY SONGS" Concert at Lamia Municipality Theater with the Bridge Quartet, and the signers Nena Venetsanou and Kostas Karalis, accompanied by a 10/member orchestral ensemble, conducted by myself. _________________________________________

August 30, 2011: Concert of Tapiola Sinfonietta, conducted by David Claudio. Soloist: Janne Kristian Malinen. World premiere of my Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, at Tapiola Concert Hall, Espoo - Helsinki, Finland. _________________________________________

October 18, 2010: The Bridge Quartet (Bill Pappas - violin, Svetlana Sheveleva - violin, Lavrentiu-Octavian Matasaru - viola and Leslie Jones – cello) performs my first String Quartet, entitled “Unicorn”, at Parnassos Music Hall, Athens, Hellas. _________________________________________

January 29,2010: The Orchestra of Patras, conducted by myself interprets my composition ‎"Passion of Love According to Mark", for strings, an Encomium to Markos Vamvakaris in memory of Manos Hadjidakis, at Convention and Cultural Center, University of Patras, Hellas. _________________________________________

September 7, 2009: World premiere of the "Postcards from a Vanishing Land", performed by the International Doctors Philarmonia "Giuseppe Sinopoli", conducted by Silvio Bruni, at St. Lorenzo Church, Florence, Italy. _________________________________________

October 16, 2008: Premiere of my piano concerto "The Aegean Sea Concerto" with the Orchestra of Colours, conducted by Miltos Logiadis. Soloist: Maria Asteriadou, at Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Athens, Hellas. _________________________________________

October 21, 2006: ‎Premieres of my compositions "Miniatures" and "Passion of Love According to Mark" with the Camerata of the Friends of Music, conducted by Alexandros Myrat. Solo marimba: Dimitris Desyllas and violin: Sergiu Nastasa respectively, Megaron Athens Music Hall, Athens, Hellas. _________________________________________