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Name Change

So we decided to change the band name to Adonis DNA. Nuthin But A Good Time describes what we are about, but it's very long. Quite a bit to type or write out. We needed something shorter and catchier. So we decided to us the famous Charlie Sheen reference to himself being the ultimate party animal. It's relevent now and we kinna feel the same way about ourselves. If you want proof, come to one of our shows. Peace.

Promo DVD

We at Nuthin But A Good Time are going to be putting together a DVD press kit. This DVD will feature the three songs posted here put to several live videos and other videos of us performing many shenanigens. We hope to see you at our upcoming show TBA and hope that you will be willing to make an appearence in our promo DVD. Keep checkin back for more info. See ya in the funny pages. Peace. NBGT