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Momentum Shift

So wats going on my people's?! Ain't blogged in a minute but i'm here!! Lol. I took a lil hiatus but i'm back, New video out now!!! "Shot Wit A Big Gun" Make sure y'all go peep dat. It's DOPE!! Dis video has really got me refocused and on a lil momentum shift. Next up... "Speakers On Go", "Walking On Fire" P.S- Although some might hate but be on ur side at da same token, be wise enough to see dat the closest one to u can be ur demise.

Instant Classics

Hey wats going on my peoples how y'all? Hope everyone is in gd health n high spirits. I ain't blog in a min but wadduuuuuup (T.I voice) i'm back!! Lets talk instant classics. Who y'all got? There's alot of new music dat sucks but there's some holding their own wit theirs . So who has longevity and will stick around or whos a flash in da pan one hit wonder??

Silenced Nights

Waddup my people's?? Haven't blogged for a grip!!! But have A Whole Lot to say!!! First of all hope all ya'll are gd in health and spirit... As for me I've seen better days, but for now shits been a lil rough i can't front. Sometimes we look for a "security blanket" for use of better terms as our own way of dealing wit the everyday bullshit and preasures of life and some of us not all but some are lucky and fortunate enough to find that. But when u think key word think u have that it kinda becomes sorda second nature to u. Because u know that after a long exhausting day of work u going to get to that blanket and be able to relax and breath easy. But imagine that blanket being lost or being stolen from u. Or even that blanket being lost in a fire or destroyed or tarnished to the point that u CAN'T fix it... Wat then?? Then u stuck thinking on how u wish u could have saved it, but what if it wasn't meant to be saved?? What if it was never meant to be urs in the first place. "WAKE UP TO THE REALITY" I believe are the words im looking for!

Here's another one, and another one(biggie voice)

Wat da fuck is going on my peoples??? How ya'll doing? Hopefully everyone is keeping warm and not out in dis cold shit.. Anyways I'm almost done wit my M.U.S.I.C.A project and in a few it will be all set and mixed down and mastered and ready to begin da next step... which is packaging well I should say "proper packaging", which is just like saying more money about to get put up lol. But yeah i'm excited so stay tuned cause it's coming and M.U.S.I.C.A is gonna be different from anything u've heard from the 413 I promise u dat. Many. Unique. Sounds. Independently. Creating. Art Remember dat! And I have a crazy tracklisting: 1. Intro 2. Speakers On Go 3. Dat DAy feat. Tommy Pocketz 4. Ya'll Don't Want It feat. Rain 5. Looking AT Me 6. Vision feat. Phranchyze 7. Soldier feat. Baby Lou 8. Down feat. kreep 9. I Wanna Know 10. Shot Wit A Big Gun

Changed People Like Da Season

People change and its funny as fuck to me. One day they stuck to u like da accumulated winter snow da next they melt away just like dat same snow. I laugh cause i know dat someday da same ones stuntin on me will be da ones tryna claim loyalty to me. Yeah rite! Nice try! Try again! I see everything!

Against all odds

Wats going on my peoples Happy belated Thanksgiving. Today i've been on straight recovery mode! I ain't leave for more than a half hour today. My day has consisted of food, weed, tv and bed. Comfy Friday means Sensational Saturday! Hammer time tomorrow!

They talk without knowing

Wats going on my peoples welcome to another blog from ya boy Aries Da God. Tonight's topic is niggas/bitches dat speak and put input in shit that they know absolutely nothing about. In this case yup its music. Homie talking bout how come u gotta pay for cyphers even if its wit well known artist dat are on already?? Nigga cause if u don't invest in urself u won't ever be known. I ain't on yet but i invest in my mixtapes, i invest in my shows, i invest my videos, if i go to the club its strictly for promo and networking. I know alot of people who doubt me and probably think i'm doing this for nothing even some that are close to me that my success would benefit them. To those i say this, u will see me get on, and u will be kicking urself in the ass as ur on the outside looking in. And to my genuine supporters i say this. I love u all and i will show my appreciation always.

Another Day Another Dollar

Wats going on my peoples?? Haven't blogged for a couple days but i'm back! Today has been a pretty relaxed day to say the least. Went earlier to do groceries which i hate if i may add. But the rest of the day has been chill. Now to eat dinner and go to work 3rd shift! Hopefully shit will be popping tonight, lets see. The grind never stops my peoples. A closed mouth never gets fed, don't ever allow anybody to stop ya flow! Have a good night y'all. Get this paper by any means necessary. God bless u all.

Know who's who

Hey it's ur boy Aries Da God wit another blog entry, i've been on a roll blogging as of late. This blog is about people who don't know how to distinguish real friends from fake friends. There is alot of people out there with this problem. They let people who don't do shit for them or even give two fucks about them just straight out use them. It's an occorance that i see on a daily basis. Well if u choose to live ur life like that then all u have worked hard to accomplish will crumble before ur very eyes. And then the few that have been there for u faithfully will no longer be there because u chose to place them on the back burner for someone who probably wants to see u fail miserably. Think about it.

Grind City

Out here we get it by any means, we ain't a big city by any means. But we known for rising against adversity and persevering thru struggle. We birthed basketball, revolutionized arms(smith n wesson), and basically our nickname speaks for itself, The City Of First! 413 #SpringfieldMassachusetts #WeInnovators