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Time to move on

I've spent enough time 'notebooking' the sounds now and have more than enough material for 2 or 3 albums already plus several new songs to record and some new ideas after that. So i'm going to shift my focus for the next year or so and I may only be posting snippets of the work that I'm doing while I get the albums ready for release. I've still got a lot of work to do before that, a lot of the songs on my profiles will be getting a remix/remaster at the very least, in some cases a complete rearrangement and re-recording. I will also be making some videos to accompany some of the songs and designing/ creating and publishing a new website: janiedare.com and also some other exciting things. I still have a lot to learn, and I have no intention of hurrying anything, as I want the final product to be of the highest quality possible. So if you need to find me over the next 12 months i'll be in the 'kitchen' cooking up some treats. :D

Happy New Year 2017 everyone! 3 new tracks on the way

I've been busy over the holidays setting up some new projects and adding the finishing touches to the last of my work from 2016! In 2017 looking forward to much more music, artwork, writing and and performance, be it stage or webcast ..... In other exciting news, I'm looking forward to the release of an album by my dear friend Marcus H which contains a track that we collaborated on. Anyway, stay strong, brothers and sisters! Nil bastardum carborundum! And lets prayer that 2017 doesn't blow as hard as 2016 sucked!

Kick Yourself

This song was originally written by my friend Simon Moon, who sadly passed away on 22nd April 2011. He was the most amazingly talented guy, and unrelentingly kind-hearted man. Really a very rare and special person. Apart from Kick Yourself, Simon wrote so many fantastic songs but currently these aren't available for public hearing, which is just too much of a shame and a waste to let his talent fade away. So I decided to cover this song, which I originally performed for Simon at his memorial, and hope to pique some interest in his work, generally. Back in the 90's I used to play guitar in Simon's band, A Scanner Darkly, along with Sheema Mukherjee (bass & vocals), Tim Hutton / Hamid Mantu and a guy called Will (I don't know his surname) taking turns playing drums. For continuing moral and critical support we had Nigel Dale, who was very helpful again at the mix stage of this track now. I have many treasured memories from that time.


One cover of an absolutely brilliant song that was written by a very dear and now departed friend. And another brand new one that manifested just the other week. It's going to be a couple of months yet before they are both ready, I expect. I wish I could spend more time on them but unfortunately have to work full time as well, so slowly slowly ..... but we'll get there eventually!

Alien Nation ... new recording

just adding the finishing touches to the mix for this track and will publish soon.

Jolly Rocker, new content added

Added a couple more poems to the Treasure Chest and some links to the Port's of Call page http://www.jollyrocker.com/

The Jolly Rocker sets sail once again

This is a forum for the various artwork, music, writing cartoons, poetry of many different artists as well as myself. Please take a look around and if you would like to contribute some work or links yourself then 'Come Aboard'! http://www.jollyrocker.com/

Happy New Year! Website relaunch in 2016

I've been spending the holidays finishing up development on my Website, it was well overdue for some spit and polish. Embarrassing as I'm a programmer by trade.

I've also started work on 2 new tracks and one collaboration with another artist, but more about that in due course. Happy New Year

Antidote ... nearly there ....

1st final mix done, aiming to release the new track at the weekend (unless of course I decide to re-record it again :D)

Another one on the way ....

As per usual, taking me a bit longer than I'd hoped what with pesky working for a living and stuff getting in the way, but my new track 'Antidote' has just moved into the mix phase and I will try to get it published by the end of this month at the latest.