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Local Love

First of all, I just want to thank everyone who has been coming out and enjoying their evenings with Heroes. You guys and chicks have been kick ass. We have seen alot of new faces in the past couple of months, and alot of old friends crawling out of the woodwork to rock out. Its nice to see so many locals throwing up the devil horns again. To the local bands who have been rocking with us, Thanks. For the first time in a while i have seen bands doing team work instead of just looking out for themselves. working hard to get your name out there. Even harder to get your friends out there. busting ass to make a scene for our area again. So last night we played a show where the locals had to cover for the touring bands. under1condition, murder to martyr, ascender, and heroes 4 hire. covering for the "professionals". All i have to say is, "keep it fucking rockin" Everyone thats been involved with us at all this summer ha been totally kick ass. thank you all. -J