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Grammy Award Winning

Rising Jazz Star Gregory Porter's junior release "Liquid Spirit" won a Grammy for Best Vocal Jazz Album of 2013. So grateful to a be a part of this record and incredible team. Still can't believe it. I'm a Grammy-Award winning trumpeter now! God Is Good!

Check Gregory Porter out here:


and educated yourself on one of the greatest soul singers of this generation!

P.S. the CD "Liquid Spirit" Is available whereever major CDs are sold!

What Is SKOPE?

"Scope" is defined as: The range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions.

"SKOPE" is a quintet comprised of musicians w/ a young urban approach to Jazz Music. SKOPE’s repertoire features original music and standard Jazz repertoire arranged to incorporate elements of R&B, Gospel, and Funk. Curtis Taylor (the group’s leader) created this band for lovers of the “groove” and it is sure to bring together people of all different ages and ethnicities. This is a very fun and exciting band to hear and watch play.