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My Tribute : Christchurch Quake Tragedy

your life breathes new life your pain breathes through strife the love you leave behind is never in vain but the loss is never greater

in light of tragedy in light of what we all see can we survive through the stages of devastation

so we revive christchurch is alive that you can be bold stand up and evolve and hold on to your pride

a nation in bleed a nation bereaved I stand grossly immersed in the sadness I see I stand here for you I buckle at knees I wonder an age in suffer and heed

so we revive christchurch is alive in spirit and solitude that you can move beyond this collide (with tragedy) that no man could shake no brick can erase the true paradise

so please, remember these the lives who have fallen and for those who grieve no soul left to be torn I hold my hand out for you dear precious and burned for this is no pain for any to learn

so we survive new zealand with pride christchurch is alive

Announcing : Goodbye Rodeo

Hello All,

I have just started work on the material for "Goodbye Rodeo". Also I've got masters from "Absolution" arriving in the next week or so (hopefully, being christmas and all nothing is certain).

In any case I thought I'd share some new material I've been working on and I hope you all have a merry christmas and a drunken new year.

I'll post the new content as soon as its ready.

Seasons Greetings, Matty Kaye