Whats going down?!?

Winters poppin off here in Park City , no snow but the man made is springlike and we are making the most of it. Hope to see everyone out an about wether at a show or on the mountain.. Bless up ya'll... Much love ~

Yo Yo! What up summer!?

Hey B-Rootz here sayin bless up its summer time, we are doing are best to make it to your spot and bring our blendedrootz party vibes. Spread the love and blend your rootz, the new generation is all about integration. ~BLESS~

whats up!

Blendedrootz here saying what's up, and letting you know were working hard to progress as musicians and hope to play in your town and let you feel the mt. Side reggae rock vibes. We have new originals in the works, our demo is also out and we're working on our CD. Check us out on www.myspace.com/blendedrootz for more music. ~bless up~