"Infest To Ingest"

We've began recording our debut full length "Infest To Ingest". We are working with producer Trey Richards and are recording at Southwest Studios in Roanoke, VA. We've chosen local artist Eric Pfeiffer to do the artwork for "Infest To Ingest". The album will feature 11 new tracks (in no order)...

-Within Sickened Prospects -Vile Disposal -Sheer Terror -Infest To Ingest -Ungodly Reanimation -Virulent Virtue -Creations Obscured -Perversely Possessed -Extremities -Seed Of Madness -Unspeakable Acts Of Violence

We are currently looking for a label to release it for us. If you have any info or contacts at ANY record label please let us know!!! You can email us at humaninfection@hotmail.com

Thanks guys HI