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The Evolution into an App

This is absurd.

Next to perhaps the one time I stood in front of a mirror for an hour as a 7th grader trying to get a good grasp on whether I was ugly or not, this may be the most narcissistic endeavor I've gone on in my life. Am I really turning into an iPod app here? These are the kinds of things that are reserved for people like the Kennedys or the Kardashians, not a poor soul like me. Nonetheless, here we are...applified.

The purpose of this app will serve as the same purpose of all other social outlets: We are doing all that we possibly can to maximize the growth of the art we've made. Hopefully, by you owning this app, someone else may stumble upon our music and then be connected to our little community as well.

So, lastly I just want to ask you that now that the app has been downloaded and is effectively taking up shelf space on your iPod/iPhone, go ahead and leave your iPod in random places for other people to snoop around through it and find us. Perhaps a public park or a bus stop. I'm sure once they're past the browsing of your iPod, the new owner will return your pod to you. Don't be selfish. Do it. I mean, we do live in a trusting brother's keeper type society do we not? Shoot.

Keep in touch. Seriously.

Hope in Him,

Matt Moberg mm@mattmoberg.org