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Afraid of ghosts

As we pass through our day, we're bombarded with smells, songs, sounds, pictures, ideas. Often times we don't give them a moments notice. We're beings unaware and yet totally aware of the passing of time. It's our evolution as beings of this society to become callused or acute to only certain things in our daily lives. How could we get by if we took heed to everything around us, every second of the day? We must keep moving forward! There has to be a direction we're following, because we keep heading down a path, even if unknown.

But sometimes there are certain smells or songs or images that make us stop; that give us a chill; that make us remember that time or place or person we once knew. As if we're visited by a spirit long forgotten and we have to take a moment to reflect, to re-affirm, to become aware. Our everyday ghosts that we try to ignore, but can't.

Apathy is only a defense mechanism for victims. We have lived in a society of the apathetic, that has propagated the idea it's okay to keep moving forward without reflection, without remorse; a society that doesn't stop to listen to the beauty of everyday sounds; a society that doesn't like to question themselves for the roles we have played in the decisions that make up our surroundings; a society that is afraid of what those reflections might bring up; a society afraid of ghosts.

My goal of this band is to make music that you should stop and listen to. Music you should reflect upon. A soundtrack for your everyday. A shock to your system, in the same way that the ocean makes you adjust to her. Music that makes you question where you've been and where you're headed. Music that will eventually become one of your everyday ghosts.

EveryDay Ghosts

Everyday: commonplace or usual; ordinary

Ghost: a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person, taken to be capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living.

The Band is born.

It wasn't very long ago when I was touring across the West Coast with another artist, before I realized that all I wanted to do was settle down and make music with Becker and Jeremy. The days passed on the road and my mind became more and more fixated with the rock band, that's what I referred to it at the time. Rock band this, rock band that. It helped pass the long lonely times.

I've played with many a great musician and collaborated on many great songs. But this was the first time I wanted to completely identify with something new. Granted the songs were all written by me, but they've become ours. With each rehearsal we find something that needs to be added or taken away. We're making great music and feeling great about what's happening.

We're a new band, but we're not new to the music scene. All of us have been making music in Central Florida for a good while, but this is the first time that we've worked together as a whole.

Check us out, hopefully you become a fan. We'll grow together.