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Blisters Sore EP review - by Farryl Hyde (fist rock radio)

The band “Shattered Society” started in early 2010 and is a hardcore / metal band from Bergen Norway. It consists of five magnificent young men at the age of 18-22 years. The band consists of Mikal Olav Gehrmann on bass, Eivind Thorsen Trengereid on guitar, Andre Solberg on guitar and backing vocals. Simon Søviknes on drums and Frode Hennø on vocals.

I was first introduced to Shattered Society in January 2011, when the band sent me some of their original material, and have loved their songs from the first time hearing them, and can be proud to say that they have become good friends since.

The hard-core metal reverberates with a Norwegian Viking Axe and can only be described as powerful talented, inspirational, hard and MUST be played at full volume!

“A New Divine” starts off with a strong guitar riff and strong beat, and instantly punches you in the solar plexes with a powerful vocal from Frode Hennø on vocals, which then launches into an all-out guitar barrage from Eivind Thorsen Trengereid on guitar and Andre Solberg on guitar which sets the pace for one of the most awesome songs I have heard. The bass line is gut wrenching and gives one images of a mosh pit in full flight! Simon Søviknes on drums performs incredibly fast with Mikal Olav Gehrmann on bass chasing him with amazing dexterity.

“Blisters Sore” launches into a full frontal guitar attack followed by a head banging drum beat and of course the powerful Vocals from Frode. The song has a “Killswitch Engage” flavour and slows down with the anticipation of an oncoming storm, followed by lightning and thunder..Awesome!

“Ignoring The Truth” kicks off with a heavy beat and a “Zakk Wylde” type guitar riff which sets the pace for an energetic and awesome track, with gut wrenching bass line and strong vocal growling… a great mosh pit treat!

“Intro” In contrast, begins with a melodic guitar riff, but quickly slips into a heavy rhythmic metal smashing!

“Shattered Society” Launches into a feast of Growling and quick drum and bass tempos, and builds into a fast paced and ass kicking track, showing off the amazing talent of these incredible artists. It then just as suddenly slows and starts the crescendo build up taking this track to new levels of energy and power, with great guitar flairs and bass lines to compliment. This is my favourite track and I just can’t get enough!

FIST RADIO is honoured to play Shattered Society on air, and look forward to hearing more from the band in the future; these young artists are destined for greatness and are defiantly to be watched as they most certainly will be reaching great heights. Keep doing what you are doing!


Shattered Society is finally at REVERBNATION! check back later for more news about us, and check out our songs!


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