The Neverending Fear Project / Blog

Past Shows

We just wanted to thank everyone that has taken the time to come out to the shows at the Power and Light Grill as well as the one at The B.O.G. We seriously couldn't do it without you all. I mean we can sit all day in our garage and practice and practice, but the real joy happens when we deliver it to your ears. Thanks again, NFP

New vids and pix!!

Well the battle of the bands at the Madrigall was a success. We came out of it with a prize package and a great night for musical expansion. As of now we just put up some fan recorded vids and we have pics from the last two shows. More to come and with the prize package we are to record at the studio here very soon.

Logos Ideas??

Were still in the processes of completing everything, however as you must know were pretty new to this stuff and we need a flood of new ideas to cart this new musical package we plan on giving the world! who's got some gold ideas let us know!!!

Stop what your doing immediately!! and rage

ladies and gentlemen, it seems recently we've been getting our asses supremely kicked by life, between job and school and blah blah just shit tons of crap. weve been hard at work developing ways to merk the stress filled days this one making the top of the list: The Stop and Rage; pretty simple ever get too bored, too annoyed or plain fuckin pissed? just drop whatevers going and rage out, works like a charm, no joke i smashed an entire container of boiled eggs in the applebee's walk in and im all smiles...