Irish Spring

There are wild clovers growing in my yard. I just got out of Jail and am working with some of the greatest musicians this world has to offer. Virtual release coming up in 2 weeks at Upper Decks and sessions with wild man Sam Kearney. Working with Captain Hook on another project and will be resuming The Renegade South with Buck on the keys and organ. Lots of material almost ready to release for sale. My mind is a fortress and has its eye on the prize. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me and even more so to all those who have doubled. 10 days in solitary confinement will make a man know who he is and I am all about the music my friends. All the soul sisters and brothers out there it is time to unite behind the sound of a new revolution. Hope to see all of you down along this road that we have no other choice but to walk. As my Gallagher brothers Oasis said it, "Tonight I'm a Rock and Roll Star." Peace to all and remember all the soldiers who are fighting and those who have had their last breath on a far away field fighting for what we believe. Humility is the answer but sometimes you have to tell it like it is. Gallagher