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Playin out and About!

Wow this last month has been phenomenal. We got to play an amazing show at the Red Sea with a awesome crowd. We all danced and had a blast. Sadly after that they were only 21+ shows but that didn't stop our fans coming out to see us at The Fineline. Our first headlining show and it was an amazing stage. The sound guy did an amazing job even though we didn't really get to sound check before the show. Killian almost passed out and the drums fell over during one of the songs. It was pretty hilarious. It was also our first show playing covers. We got to play "What I've Got" "Simple Man" "Born to be Wild" and "Eleanor Rigby"; and just a few days ago we played O'Garas Garage. That was an awesome show. So many people came out and we got to open up for some awesome bands(Eufera and Beyond Falling). We played a new cover "I Alone" and swung from the rafters. Looking forward to playing the benefit show soon.

Love and Peace, Killian Ace

Gettin this show on the road!

So just starting up this page don't have a ton to say other than that this is actually a lot of work. Oh well totally pumped to do it for all of our awesome fans.... haha thanks for checking out our page. If you are reading this you are either a dedicated fan who has already signed up for our mailing list or a stumple upon-er...or something that just felt like checking us out. If you did stumble upon us please feel free to sign up for our mailing list we will be more than happy to fill your inbox with love...shows...and other useless junk that will make you giggle, cry, or possibly both at the same time.

Thanks everyone, Killian Ace