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Unreleased Song Practiced on Video Uploaded

Just uploaded a brand new video version of an unreleased song that we used to practice, check it out!

Check it!

after a small hiatus we have returned with a brutal CUFF cover for your listening pleasure as well as for download into your personal collection! Blast it and grind hard, keep the shit underground and sick everyone!!!

Full Length is finally available digitally!

Fully remastered, listen to it at butyricfermentation.bandcamp.com

Merch will be available soon!

Brutalitarian Update!

We have just completed mixing and mastering for our 5 song EP which will be available soon! Also on the horizon is an appearance on the Gutteral Apocalypse Vol. 1 edition to be included in the Sevared Records catalog. Recording will begin on the 2nd half of the full length soon. We now have tickets to It Lies Within/As They Sleep/NightShade @ Studio Seven available in our ticket link. More merch is to be added down the line as well! Keep your ears open and bleeding!! \m/\m/

Progress is being made!

as of 3/22/11, Bass tracks have been written for first half of songs which are 90% completed, 2nd half of songs continue to be worked on with remaining parts being practiced fully to state of perfectional overdubbage, a long stretch but the time consumation will be worth it in the long run! Brutal Gore Hails and endless support! \m/ \m/