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F*ck me!, part II

Some jackass named "anonymous" wrote and told us we "stole" their name and trademark. lol. Excuse the pun, but that's priceless.

First, and most obviously, none of us seem to be getting rich here. If using the name "BAiT" was the golden ticket to success, trust me, there would be a LOT more competition for the name and some marketing genius would have figured out how to bottle it, sprinkle it on some Beiber wannabe and make a million bucks on it. Naming any band after fish food pretty much relegates you to the ranks of the insignificant. Sorry, but that's the truth. If you want to make it big, you might try doing it with your music, not your band name.

Secondly, and not so insignificantly, we first used the name BAiT, complete with the capitalization shown here, for public performances in 1989. We've never tried to be a prolific band, it's been more of a catch all for us to use for the stuff that didn't fit neatly into our regular gigs, but we are proud of our track record over the years and quite frankly, I am fond of the name. We still occasionally book under this name and I don't imagine we will stop any time soon, regardless of any other "baiter" that might be floating in the chum, so to speak.

Third, signing your name as "anonymous" doesn't display a lot of pride, now does it? Grow a pair, or better yet, grow up. If our using the name "BAiT" for the last twenty four years has truly impacted your life in any demonstrable way, we'd sure like to hear about it but if you are so chickenshit that you make such a claim anonymously, we won't be holding our breath.

If you are gonna use our name, I hope you'll do it with some pride. We won't whine about the fact that there is two, three or twenty five bands using the name BAiT, as long as you don't make shitty music, okay?

I'd say "peace out", but that's really not my style. How does "kindly fuck off" strike ya?

Nah... I'll quit at peace out, y'all!

F*ck me!!

I swear this really happened!

I was heading out of a local KC music store the other day, and a see a guy staring at me. I won't say it was "unnerving" but it was straying towards the creepy when he comes up to me. I am thinking to myself, whatever it was, just deny it, when he says, "hey, I know you!" Okay, at least he isn't going to accuse me of hitting on his girlfriend or doing that hit and run on his car in the parking lot, but I'd swear, I have never met him before in my life. Before I can say something stupid, he blurts out, "you are in BAiT!" You could have knocked me over with a feather.

BAiT is not the most prolific band in the universe. Or Kansas. Or probably even my neighborhood, given the way the kids have been congregating lately. Its not for a lack of trying, but as a "band" we are severely limited on time and gigs are quite frankly, few and far in between. All of us have day jobs, and are working on all sorts of side projects almost constantly. Larry and Audrey, for example, have a 40's/50's USO show that they take on the road on a semi regular basis, plus an old home prairie show where they sing the really old Americana songs and Audrey demonstrates her spinning wheel. Holly is involved with video production for local bands and I am on the road constantly doing the solo thing, so when we do get together, we have fun but none of us expect to get that call from Simon Crowell anytime soon, so to have someone recognize me for my association with BAiT is both extremely flattering (I think!) and happens about as frequently as division by zero. So naturally, I asked how he knew that I was in BAiT.

As it turns out, good ol Reverbnation really works. Yup, he had been surfing through the local bands and somehow managed to recognize me from the pictures we had posted.

I'm such a rock star!

What it is.

The old days are gone. Used to be, you'd learn three chords with a buddy, drink some beer and sit around the turntable trying to figure out what the hell the lyrics were to "Louie Louie", scribble down something that sounded close, find another buddy that could play the drums and voila! a band was born. Maybe not a great one, we all can't be the Beatles, but a band none the less. Nowadays, you've got to have T-3 bandwidth 24 hours a day to stay online, pimping yourself for fans and hoping to go "viral". Good gawd, back in the day, when you went viral you headed straight to the doc for a shot! At the risk of sounding like a crotchety old guy, lets talk "hits" for a second. The only hits I used to worry about were "hit records", not people hitting our website. And now, I am "blogging". I know what a "log" is and can only surmise that by adding a "b" to the front of it, they are just abbreviating "bullshit log". I am positive that nothing most of us have to say on such a forum will having any meaningful impact on anyone else's life, no matter how long we spew forth our "wisdom" that we are convinced the rest of the world is dying to hear. So instead of offering advice, we will just try to give you glimpses into who we are and what makes us tick, and hopefully our music will make more sense to you. (I'm really not bitter, honest! I'm just trying to figure out why, instead of working on my music, I am working on a blog!) Its a new game out there, and it ought to be entertaining for y'all to watch us struggle to fit into the new dynamic that is required to be a band today. We have no illusions of grandeur, we are just trying to make honest music that folks will find a little something in that they can relate to or make their day just a little better by hearing it. Zorb!