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Perfect Dysfunctionality / Blog

Good Riddance, Shivani and Djulie

Hey guys! Most of you might not know this, but about two weeks ago, we had a farewell party for two of our beloved band mates, Shiv and Djulie, who left the country. You all know shiv, she's been the really quiet reserved girl holding down rhythm guitar for as long as you can remember, while Djulie joined us playing the keys and sometimes doing backing vocals. We just wanted to say a very big thank you (again) for allowing us to be a part of your lives and share such tremendous talent together. You two were one of a kind, and the people that (may) succeed you certainly have enormous shoes to fit into. We wish you all the best in your new endeavours! God bless you all Lots of love, Dennis, Christine and Ronjey.

Summer 2011!

What's up Perfect Peepz! Summer is already here and were gearing up for what is supposed to be a total Rock and Roll Summer!! We have lots in mind for you guys but since we don't want to ruin the surprise for you, I will only give you guys a few of them. Firstly, we are planning to do lots and lots of gigs all around Nairobi, so as to get some publicity. and we'd like you to help us out on that. If you hear about any rock event, Let us know. We will be more than pleased to perform there. Secondly, we are planning on starting studio work! We plan to work on a few demo's and release them so as to try and attract record labels, so watch out for those because I assure you, his WILL blow you minds!! That's all I can unravel for now. The rest, only time will tell... ;)

Rock onnn!!!!!!!


Perfect Dysfunctionality and the year 2011

Sup Peeps! May I begin by hopin all Y'all sexy asses are havin a great 2011. This should be a Prosperous year for both of us. Jus a couple of Updates from us. What Does Perfect Dysfunctionality have in store for 2011? you may ask

Well, we are embarking on doing a Tribute album to whom we would call 'our biggest inspirations', Guns N Roses. We want to cover around 8 tracks from the album 'Appetite For Destruction'. This will serve as our Debut album. We know this wont be easy, but were up for the challenge!!

We also want to play in more gigs and concerts around town. We hope that there will be more events so as to give us the much needed exposure and experience.

Ohhh..i forgot to mention....Were gonna need a 'touring drummer' ( a drummer who will be touring with us for shows, gigs etc,,, DUUH!! i really dint need to explain that, dumbass). This is for the simple reason that our drummer (Dylan) is all the way in South Africa and he'll only be doing our studio albums while the touring album will be done by our touring drummer (which could be YOU!!) . If Your Intrested, drop an inbox to the band's Frontman on Facebook ( Denno Hendrix Kioko), or you could email us @ perfectdysfunctionality@gmail.com(Send ONLY if your serious). Trust me, it will be fun!

Annnnywhoore...thats about all from us. Really looking forward to a Rockin year with you guyz! Keep it P.D!


Merry Christams!

Hey guys!! we wanna wish you guys a merry christmas n a f*ckin awesome new yeear! Hope to see all you guys at the Nairobi Rock Fest 2010! there is no other better way to start 2011....seriously :D 2011 is bound to be a pretty awesome year for us.....hopefully there will be more gigs n shows for us, as we embark on our new tribute album. We love you guys so f*ckin much! cheers!! _\m/

its about time!

Sup rockers!! holdin up well I presume!! well..we've been working on some stuff for next year...crazy stuff i tell ya... :) Whats new with us? well, our drummer left for S.A last week, and our bassist left for Germany for the holiday...so the rest of us...juus chillin!! _\m/

Umh..oh yeeah.before i forget...we need a new drummer ASAP. its becoming kinda hard for us to work without a drummer...so we need one to join the band fully n work with us for gigs, tours, shows..etc. We haven't yet decided on a date for auditions, but if any good drummer is interested out there, you cold leave a post on our reverb/facebook page, or send your name and an audio of your own work to perfectdysfunctionality@gmail.com. You should also be the type of drummer who is wild and not afraid to try anythn on stage...smeone like mitch mitchell, or travis barker,,or whatever.,,,you know!! till then, cheerz people! we love ya.

PS: if you want a cover of any of your favorite song, drop as an email and we will be more than glad to do it!!

The weekend that was...

Whoa...hasn't this been the best weekend for us,,EVER!! we had like a sort of a mini tour..aaandd it rockeed haaaard!!! On friday, we were at the Burudani Theatre @ brookhouse, where there was an awesome music concert...we performed as well..we hope that we satisfied ur hungry souls by our rendition of Sweet child!! Early Saturday morning...we set out to the Battle of the Bands: Ramps and Amps. The turnout was not as expected, and the sun was quite hot...but despite all that we still managed to rock the crowd and Won!! Kudos to all the other bands that participated as well as the fans that voted for us!! we LOOOVEEeE you all!!

Then, last, but not least, SUnday...we were supposed to perform at The Junction..buut,due to technical mishaps..we couldn't....apologies for that...

mooving on to other sad affairs...Our drummer..Dylan..will be leaving back to S.A on thursday..*sob* :( i'd just like to say thankyou for everything..im sure the crowd will miss. you.....wish you a safe journey back to S.A..dnt forget to halla @ ur fans though...they will be waiting...

Thats all from us folks!! Catch y'all later!! _\m/

Sweet Child O' Mine

Ay people!! been a while since we talked...anywayy,,this time round, we've decided to cover a more intense,mellower song that kinda brings us out...and this song happens to be **Drum roll**.....SWEET CHILD O' Mine! We've had several rehearsals and the song is coming up preety well..ooh,ooh,ooh,,before i forget,,i would like to introduce to you our new session drummer,,ladies and gentlemen,all the way from SA, give it up for DYLAAAAAAAN!! We've been working with him...and damn,,,what a beast he is!! Generally,we've been doing well..working on covers upon covers of songs..but i tell ya..once you get on that stage..it feels good!! Finally, I'd like to thank the fans for all of your support and feedback. We really love you guyz, and we appreciate it. U guyz are the driving force of our band..let us know any song, and I mean ANY SONG! that you would like to hear us play..we will be more than glad to do it for you guyZ. Cheerz! Perfect Dysfunctionality OUT!! _\M/ :)

Bold as love.

Wow, what can I say about this song...it has captured the mind of all of us. Guys had been buggin' me to play it a lot so i decided,hey...why not give em' a lil' taste?? The band is going to do their own rendition of the song and add new solos, so trust me on this one...IT WILL BE SICK!! That's all that will be said for now. Catch y'all later!