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The Blood That Flows Through Me is The Color of Music

What this the title of this blog means is that, from the moment momz and popz conceived me, music was a part me. I come from a long line of musically talented people. My grandmother had her own band back in the day, my mom won plenty of school competition and local competitions with her voice and my dad studied recording engineer. My grandpop made sure that I was knowledgeable about greats such as, The Tempatations, Sam Cooke, Smokey, Stevie, Ottis Redding and so many many more. My aunts introduced to me to underground hip hop and rock. My mom saw to it that if I listened to who ever I like to listen, then I had to research the artist so that I could know them as much as I could. So you see, music really is a part of make up. So what is the color of music? It is every color imaginable and unimaginable. It can't be boxed in to be just one of anything. Music can not be defined. And it is up to the indiviual artist to make music mean something to them. Music is infinite. Music IS. Peace Godz Tim L. Love aka ROYAL'T TOPMC