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Time slipping away.

A new year has started and is quickly passing me by! Its funny how the older we get the faster time slips right through our fingers, and just as you return from vacation its Christmas again. One good thing is its not so much of a blur since I got clean and sober and I take time to reflect on my past and choices that have gotten me here. So many projects on my plate right now and trying desperately to climb to the next level. I would love for some established artist to call and put me on tour with them, I am totally prepared for that mentally, physically and spiritually. But this morning as I started my day, I felt completely blessed, comfortable and satisfied. Life is what you make of it and as long as I have a busy schedule, a fantastic girlfriend and home life and wonderful friends to share time with, I guess it really doesnt get any better. Thank you Lord!

Dewayne McKnight
Dewayne McKnight  (10 months ago)

Hang in there..it's coming..you've worked so hard..loveya and be safe..

This year

This past year has been a test in many ways. I've worked with some amazing people, brought a band to life and then laid it down, worked on my solo project and recorded with some of my favorite artists.I have many irons in the fire in belief that the right project will come to fruition. Through it all I have not lost faith in this business or my ability to handle rough situations. Some things are looking good for next year and will hit my 3 year sobriety date April 5 2012. I thank all my friends and fans for their continued support and I'm looking forward to the future. Have a blessed day.

18 months and going strong

Well, it's been just over 18 months that I quit using drugs and drinking, and I have to say life is alot better sober! I often thought I'd never be able to quit destroying my life and body, and after some hard work, dedication, and wonderful friends, changed my life! Now with finishing up the cd and getting The Rhythm Yard together and working, I have a stronger work ethic and I'm able to focus much better. And God has blessed me in so many ways I can't begin to tell you. Come to a show and see what we're all about. Smile on!