Abriel- Full Force

Hey guys, it's been a while since we have had any updates or reached out to our fans. Just wanted to let you know that we have reformed and are no longer on hiatus. We got back together with new members this March and have recently relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles, well, Huntington Beach to be exact, but LA is the closest major city. We absolutely love it down here and we have a lot going on this summer.


We had a lot of fun during our last tour earlier this year. It was our Farewell To San Francisco tour. We wanted to give our fans some great shows on the west coast before changing our hometown. We started in March with I Wrestled A Bear Once and All Shall Perish in Long Beach and ended in Santa Clara headlining the Beyond The Realms of Metalfest. We had a blast at those shows and shared the stage with some of our favorite bands and friends.

Album Update:

Yes, that's right, we are currently writing for our sophomore album and will be recording this summer in Los Angeles with producer David Julson-Rieley(Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Cute Is What We Aim For). We are extremely excited about making this album. There is much more of a commaradre with the band on this album since it is be written by the band as a whole, not just one or two of us. It will be way different than the first cd. The music is more diverse, and yes, it will be a little more pop driven, but our breakdowns will blow you away. We are looking to release the album in the fall.

Tour Update:

We had our first Socal-hometown show in Fullerton back in May with Modern Day Escape. We had a blast and were very happy with the support we received at Slidebar. We will be doing a few California dates in August with some great bands then joining the Summer Slaughter tour on August 25th with Cannibal Corpse and Periphery. After that we will be touring in October in support of our new release and to promote the film that will be featuring our song "Natalie Vs Pedobear." We are not yet sure if it will be full US Tour or a regional tour, but we will update everyone as soon as we know. And yes, we will be performing at a few festivals this fall including California Metalfest.

That is all for now. Please visit our facebook for more up to date info and to say whatever you want to the band. Ask questions, leave comments, post ideas, or invite us to your parties, we will probably show up.lol

See ya around.

Abriel Crew

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