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Uploading Older Works to Reverb Nation

In the coming days, as I have time, I will be uploading older albums to my Reverb Nation Site in order to get a more complete discography or history of my musical work. As this goes along, please feel free to ask questions, comment on your favorites, or just simply enjoy the music. Thanks to all of you who have stood by me and the music that I've continued to create over the years. You must know that above all else, all that I ever wanted to do with this is to create great new music that I could enjoy and that my listeners could also relate to. Along with this I wanted to tell a story, and write lyrics with a social consciousness and I believe that I've done this. I can always point you to better musicians, singers and live performers than me. But, I do feel that I have passion, heart & soul for what I'm doing and I believe that counts for a lot in the arts. So, just know when listening to my stuff that I'm not out to have the best produced record, or the most fans, or any of that hype crap, (even though, it does take a little bit of that to still stay marketable), I'm out to make a statement with this music and I just hope that someone out there gets it! I appreciate you, one and all!

New material coming soon!

I've just recently started laying down some new tracks that I will hopefully be able to share real soon. I don't know if it will be a new full length album, mini-album or just a few singles. Though I am somewhat technical, well thought out and organized, I had rather simply let the creative process dictate the final outcome than to have everything pre-decided and planned before the fact. That's how I rolled in the studio on "None the Wiser" and it seems to work well for me. I've just completed putting down a new song called "Way Down the Road" and I'm just now entering the mixing/mastering phase on that piece. Unlike "None the Wiser" it's lyrically much lighter hearted but still addressing the present times, personal and public sentiment. I wrestled just a bit with seemingly going back to a harder rock sound, but as I've stated before, I like to let the music guide me instead of visa-versa. I guess that's why each of my releases has been so hard to categorize in the past, where each song is an entirely different puppy (lyrically, vocally, and musically). It's sort of become my calling card (lol).