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LastNote and Footwork Magazine

Footwork Magazine is a down to Earth, honest, and precise magazine. Recently they contacted LastNote about an article in their March issue. Obviously LastNote agreed and the planning began...Keep your eyes peeled for March issue of Footwork Magazine!!!

Material and Sound

With time spinning quickly past us, LastNote continues to work on new material for the fans and critiquing their sound for the ultimate experience. In the next couple weeks the fans will hear a few new songs the boys are going to bring out. Be there for the shows so you don't miss the new material! Other than that the boys just picked up 2 new PA speakers to rock your worlds with...wait until you guys hear the sound that comes out of these speakers! As always we wish everyone well and will talk to all soon!

Album/Weekend Update

Happy Monday to everyone!! Well folks, after another stellar Saturday night at The Landing Bar & Grille in Fairport the guys headed back into the studio down at the amazing facilities of Black Dog Recording for another intense session of mixing. With pretty much all of the tracking done for vocals and instruments, “Highways” is entering the final stretch of tweaks, prep and arrangement before heading off to mastering and finally to the marketplace. In a statement made to LastNoteBand.com, Nick LeDuc tells us that, “…I’m incredibly happy with the progress that’s being made, and the tracks that Robert (Robert Blackburn of Black Dog Recording) has been mixing down sound absolutely incredible, I can’t wait for everyone to hear the album. It’s gonna be something I’ll be very proud to have my name on.” Speaking on behalf of the LastNote fans, we here at LastNoteBand.com can’t wait either!!! Further into the conversation with Nick LeDuc, he tells us that with roughly a week or so left to the mixing and arranging process “Highways” will be sent to mastering to have the final splash of sparkle put on the album. Then from there it’s off to post-production where hopefully it will be available by mid-January for our listening pleasure!! Having spoken with the band members over this past week, LastNoteBand.com can tell you that they are pumped about the home-stretch of production. However, their true excitement lies in the anticipation of getting the album into the hands of their fans!! So while LastNote continues to feverishly work on completing “Highways”, they’ll also continue to play out and about Rochester with this week being no exception! This week the fellas have a few shows on the docket. Firstly, this Wednesday they will return to The Victor Village Inn right in the heart of the village. Again, this is home-base for LastNote and if you’ve never made it down for one of these Village Inn shows you should swing by and check the guys out in a very relaxed, friendly enviroment. As well as Wednesday at The Victor Village Inn, the guys will be debuting their musical stylings this Friday, Dec 7th at The Village Rock Cafe in East Rochester. Seeing as it’s LastNote’s first venture to the Village Rock Cafe let’s all make it out to once again break this place in LastNote style!! As always guys the shows start around 9 and go till they turn out the lights. So there we have it boys and girls. We’ve gotten a little look into the studio with LastNote and some good news that came with it, as well as a preview of what’s happening this week. So we hope to see everyone this Wednesday at The Victor Village Inn or this Friday at The Village Rock Cafe in East Rochester!!! Until then everyone; be well, be kind to each other and have a Grateful day from everyone here at LastNoteBand.com!!

Thank You

Hello All Notes! It's been quite some time since there's been a LastNote blog, so this one's breaking the silence. This goes out to everyone who was around when LastNote started (don't worry we still love all the fans out there!). To all the people who came down to the VVI and listened when it was just one guy! To all who watched as this one-piece slowly form into a fantastic four-piece. To everyone that watched the four-piece transform into the three-piece it is now. To everyone who helped raise funds for a trip to to Oklahoma so the boys could record an album. LastNote owes EVERYONE a thanks...so THANK YOU to everyone who makes LastNote possible. We love each and EVERY one of you, and will see all soon!!!

LastNote:The New Line up

It was almost a year ago when LastNote changed the members of the band. With band front man and founder Nick LeDuc and bass player Kevin Murray the main stay. The band has added new members to the lineup. The first new member to be added was Kristopher Anauo. Having sat with Nick previously at different open mics, these guys had a chemistry that could not be mistaken. Kris, a well rounded player came to the band bringing a lot to the table. Having the ability to improvise and follow Nick with no prior knowledge of what song would be played next, this was sure to set the bar in a way that would change the band yet again. Recently added to the band is a well seasoned percussionist and Hand Drum Professional, Matt Mantione. Having traveled the states playing with numerous artists including "The Blueman Group”, Matt Mantione has added yet again a unique sound of his own to the band. All of thisMaking LastNote that much stronger as an overall group. LastNote also switched from the electric sets everyone had first seen to an electric-acoustic set. This gave the band the sound that is now today. Whether played acoustic or electric, LastNote has an unforgettable sound that could quite possibly change your day or mood. Be well and have a grateful day from all of us here at LastNoteBand.com.

New Year

Well its 2012 and LastNote is ready to rock another year. They have been behind the scenes as much as possible working out new songs for all the fans that have followed them around in 2009, 2010 , 2011. Keeping this thing moving like the living movement it is, LastNote sticks to their roots and provides a new take on the greats as well as their own classics!!

Heads up

Hey all. Just throwing some ideas out there...LastNote loves playing out with other bands. If you ever need a spot filled all of a sudden and can't find anyone just get in touch with us. We may be able to work something out


Hey everyone. LastNote just ahd an excellent interview on The Local Show with WBER 90.5 and we're looking forward to next Wednesday. Why you may ask yourself...Well because we will be on WRUR 88.5 at 10 AM with Scott Regan on his show called "Open Tunings". We're stoked for it, hope you can listen in...if not I'm sure it'll be on the website soon there after.


LastNote had a very productive practice last night. The lovely Courtney Scheer came by to throw down with us too, what an honor that was. She's got an amazing voice and knows how to use. Check her out at the website, www.courtneyscheer.com We can't wait for the New Year's show!


Hey everyone. LastNote's first blog woot! Check us out we've got a great song for you, more coming soon. We have a few locations with some more songs at, www.myspace.com/mislead4life and www.archive.org search LastNote barn bash.