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here we go again

Bak @ W.u.r.K. bu out to lunch!!! see ya @ SXSW!!


Sum people get mad cuz they ain't worth a thought, or squirt of piss 2 anyone in dey family,dey use 2B friends,or da cemeteries they dying 2 git into.. Den dey meet U. an unsuspecting by stander. U give them the benefit of da doubt & all..& all U hear is.. i can do this, i can do that.. but the only thing they can do is talk about what they can do. talk about other people. talk about their problems. TALK,TALK,TALK.. OMFNG!! like some shady promoters or venues.(Artists Feel Me) the best part by far is when dey know dey are figured out again.. kinda like a relative on drugs, that hid it well, till it got waaaayy outta hand.. yup.. then they just vanish..or try 2.. & you find your self da object of their dejection.. so ya name is in dey mouth until like da parasites they are, dey move on2da next host.. Spreading deceit,rumors,lies, even on their own mom,siblings,family,ect..ect.. & me being me,, ya know i think 2 my self..... What a Wonderful............ World...... ooooooooohhhhhh yeeeaahhhhhhhh! -Louie Armstrong {the late Great} R.I.P.!

Year of da AnT.......

just when i think i can get out. dey keep pullin me back in. i can feel it. sombody, is pullin me close 2Da ground.. i aint scared tho.. seems like just yesterday i was showin all dez lil mutha fuckin wanna be G's up in A.K. who was who, & what was what.. now look at chu suckas, still bitin off shit i did back when all u trics was still shittin yellow.. let alone sportin da yellow belly ya still wearin ta this day.. Well i been gone 4 a sec.. but i can see as well as the REAL mutha fuckaz. that the town deserves a better breed of criminal than you fake ass mutha fuckas like winnie da poo gravano. A.K.A. Brett Damon Colyar punk ass.. fuck dat snitch & death to his momma 4 not aborting da fat fuck.. But im baaaaack.. straight from every cops nightmare to settle the score..Mi$Ta AnT....... new improved, and worse than before.. i aint lyin.. if you see me on ya block, just know im up to no good. and if you ask me how im doin, Way better than you. but stay back 100 feet. im homicidal so dont stand near me. I huntin bitch ass niggaz down.. take a glimpse into my retina youll see death in my eye. murderous gaze pervade my pupil,cuz im lookin to die..so dont ask me what i do N!66a, im tellin you what i do mutha fuckaz. W.u.r.K.4Lyfe!!


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*Wat It'z All 4!!*

Ya know, somtimes i sit back and think, WHY? WHY,are you doing this? Your not gettin paid like you wanna. Even though itz easy, itz hard.... at least harder than it seems 2 most. Your up like 24 hours a day, constantly thinkin, constantly writing,tryin to progress my trade to the point of perfection, and then ta some how personify that progress to the point that the finished product iz so devine, that it could bring tears to your eyes. Or wipe them away while you explode with laughter. That it can answer every question,lift every spirit, or solve every problem....BUT WHY? Can i do that? Probably not. Do any of you notice? NO! not yet anyway! Do or will any of you care? That iz Yet to be determined! iz it the money? ;-) iz it the fame? Considering right now i have not a dollar to my name. And fame, well if i was to walk down the street rite now 98% of the people that are ever going to read this H.e.M.-Log wouldnt know who i was.... ............i guess itz jus.... 4 the LOVE!!! my reward iz, knowing, that one day you will listen. You will laugh! You will cry! You will need answers! ONE DAY!! And even if im not here to see that day.. ill be there wit cha, goin through every emotion. Every smile, every frown, every peak ,every valley,... through the music...... FROM THE LOVE!!!!! H.e.M.



The Waiting Game.

tic,tok,tic,tok,tic,tok,tic,tok,tok!!! Tic Tok --Tok... N.e.TT.w.u.r.K.


H.e.M.-Log cummin soon.. Stay connected 2 da W.u.r.K.