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Hello, I'm Johnny Cash

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash I've had several messages about my song "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" and I want to tell how I came up with the tune. When I was 19 years old I lived in Nashville, TN for a while. Being a rabid Johnny Cash fan I just knew in my heart that I would run into him one day. It didn't happen to my disappointment and so I decided to try to find him. I had been told that he lived in Hendersonville by the lake. Well....I found out where Hendersonville was and went there. I just started driving around till suddenly, while driving down a dusty country road, I saw a big old boy dressed in black walking towards the lake next to a little lady with long dark hair. It was Johnny and June. Like any other thinking, mature person would do I slammed on the brakes of my old Chevy. Stopped in the middle of the road and ran towards the couple. You can imagine how big Johnny's eyes got when he saw the lunatic running towards him, but to his credit, he didn't throw anything at me or shoot at me. He just stood there. So did I. We all just stood there for a minute till Johnny said "Can I help you?". I said no and just stood there grinning like an idiot. I noticed that June was smiling her great smile when Johnny asked "What are you doing here?". I just smiled real big and said "Meeting you". Johnny asked me where I was from and I told him that I was from Fort Worth, Texas. He then said "And you came here to meet me?". I said yes and once again just stood there staring at him. What happened next was a great thing in my young life. He grinned real big and shook my hand and said "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash". When that happened I nearly fainted. It was like I was in a dream. What made it even more special was that Johnny Carter Cash was just a baby and was in the hospital (as I remember it) with respiratory problems and I knew that Johnny and June were trying to just relax a little bit during the ordeal. They were so gracious. So kind to a star struck young kid who was meeting his hero for the first (and only) time. We talked for a short while. He showed me around a little bit and then I told him thanks about fifty times and said goodbye. I told this story many times over the years till my wife one day said "Why don't you put that story in a song". I did and apparently a lot of folks like listening to it.. There you are. That is where the song came from and the story is absolutely true. I give you my word. God bless you all Buddy