TIEKEN Announces New Guitarist!

TIEKEN is proud to announce the addition of Grimm Speck on guitar! Stay tuned for more info, pics and other announcements soon to come!


'Not So Innocent' drops Halloween!

The new TIEKEN album 'Not So Innocent' is set to be released Halloween!

New album 'Not So Innocent' tracklist announced!

Here is the tracklist for our new upcoming album 'Not So Innocent'

1. Open Cut 2. The Cutting 3. Anti-Role Model 4. Stain Me 5. Nothing 6. Bring Down The Devil 7. EvoL (The Ugly Side Of Beauty) 8. HiFi Lady 9. Not So Innocent 10. I Know 11. Live On Or Die Now 12. Let Go 13. Narcis-Cysts 14. Obscure

New TIEKEN song 'Anti-Role Model'

Check out the newest TIEKEN song 'Anti-Role Model from there upcoming new album. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_10900998

FREE Remix of Munster Movie (Hallowed Be Thy Re-Mash)

Download Remix of Munster Movie (Hallowed Be Thy Re-Mash) www.reverbnation.com/audio_player/download_song/5679766