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Surf Zombie sin Chicago Saturday

We're at The Redline Tap playing International Pop Overthrow Saturday April 21. We go on at midnight.

New cd is available at cdbaby


Or I can mail you one. email me at hooverguitar@yahoo.com if you'd like mailed to you plus a free Surf Zombies lighter.

New CD might be here Friday March 16....

We're going to practice that night and meet with a guy who is launching a new TV show and wants to use one of our songs for the theme. Should be a nice day if a couple of these things occur as planned.

Playing a gig Sat. Jan. 16 at The Blue Moose in Iowa City

We are rehearsing tonight, messing around having fun!

The New CD is mixed and sent to mastering.

Had some set backs in 2011, but it was a great year of writing and recording and playing shows. Already thinking of our next concept cd. Not sure why this 3rd record had to move super slow, just a weird combo of things that made it feel like we were wading through a swamp with lead weights on. Now looking at some great shows in 2012. Hope to see you a few!

Treading water, not sinking

Just found 16 songs in progress...going to start cutting drums on those. We will bottle up the chaos, mix it carefully and have a new release soon! Thanks for the patience.

We found the lost keys

Joel lost his keys at the fest, we went out there and saw Jason Zabornik and got to hang out with him. Luckily Jason found the keys. The ballpark was in very good shape after 700 people partied there last night. Good job Jason!

It's a peaceful day for The Surf Zombies

We are very happy after play 319Fest here in Cedar Rapids yesterday. Saw a lot of great hardrock, indie and metal bands. We loved The Wheelers! Totally fun!