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The Long Road

Happy 2012, Friends!

Today I uploaded "The Long Road", another wonderful collaboration with some incredibly talented friends.

The name for this one is apt, because it's been in development for a very long time! It started last May when my dear friend Christine (aka Nip) sent me an acoustic guitar track she called Spanish Gypsy. It was something she created with Freddie Bo Andersen, and he played it. The melody came to me almost immediately...and then we paused for several months.

Then just a few months ago, we decided to develop the project with Fred Jam, an amazing musician and engineer, who had lots of wonderful ideas for the tune (as well as the skill to play every single instrument you hear aside from Freddie Bo Andersen's one rhythm guitar track). Christine had a lyrical idea from our friend, Eugene Jacquescoley, which is where the "Tobacco Road" theme originated. We brought on Melsi Barnett to develop the lyrics around that idea, and Voila!

Here are the complete credits:

Kristine Failla - Author: melody, all vocals

Mel Barnett - Author: Lyrics

Christine - original progression idea

Freddie Bo Andersen - rhythm guitar

Freddy Jam - Acoustic leads, picked guitar on bridge, cello, bass, hammond, drums, mix/master

Arranged by Kristine, Freddy J, and Christine

One Earth

Hey Everybody,

I uploaded a song today that I am SO proud of. It's a collaboration with my German friend Akim Jensch, and my French friend Yann SolMar. We each wrote a verse, and we each sing in our own language. It's a message of worldwide unity.

Akim wrote and recorded a beautiful progression on acoustic guitar as only he can, and he later added some beautiful complementary guitar parts. Then Yann added a mournful guitar lead and the melody that he and Akim sing. I wrote the melody I sang - I would have been happy to use Yann's beautiful melody, but I would have had to sing opera :-).

Here's the translation:

Verse 1 - written and sung in French by Yann: "I spend hours wondering whether we could live together in peace one day and this night. I spend hours wondering whether I must let it be or fight for this Utopia. However this dream they want all to make it Except to want to take advantage of misery. Carry the earth like a flag. Let it wave everywhere at the top of our buildings And let us all sing the same hymn, "imagine"."

Verse 2 - written and sung in German by Akim: "Sometimes I ask myself whether it is possible that mankind doesn't fight against each other, but understands each other; that for one day and one night the noise of rifles and guns takes a rest once. What can I do that this utopia may happen and no human being has to flee from another one? The Earth is our flag, let it wave above us for all people! Not to seperate, but to lead this life together! Imagine, imagine!"

Verse 3 - Written and sung in English by Kristine: "I don’t know why we’ve drawn these lines between us. What if we tried to erase the lines and start again? Could we find a little common ground between us? Each of us one link in Earth’s one chain... They say from outer space, There’s just one Earth, one human race. There is some common ground, I know One vision we share, one hope To build a world where our babies can grow Imagine, Imagine"


I just had the pleasure of another wonderful collaboration with some spectacularly talented friends! Thorns is another one by Christine Bayens of Nipple Nose, Dan Lockhart of ProgRockDan1, and me, with the fantastic addition of Fred E. Jam, a fantastic producer, engineer and musician. Here are the detailed credits: Credits: Christine Bayens - Author lyrics Dan Lockhart - Single note 60s rock 2nd guitar, progression originator Kristine Failla - Vocals, author melody Fred E. Jam - Arrangement, electric guitar (twang rhythm) electric slide guitar, bass guitar, piano, mix/master HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Lonely Shadows

Hey Everybody!

Today I posted "Lonely Shadows" ~ Dedicated to our very special friend, Rick Frost~ a collaboration with Christine from Nipple Nose and Dan from ProgRockDan1*** Lyrics and backing vocals: Christine*** Melody and lead vocals: Kristine*** All instrumentals: Dan***

This collaboration has been a complete joy. And guess what!...It turns out we make a great team, and we already have more songs in the pipeline.***

We hope you enjoy~ CKD

Escape Velocity

Hi Friends! Today I posted a new collaboration with the incredibly talented Kevin Lanier of Atomic Honey. Kev wrote a great song here and played all the instruments. I contributed my voice and the melody and harmonies I sang. Thanks, Kev!