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Thank you

Thanks to all that listened. This song is dedicated to all the people of the Gulf Coast and their families who have struggled through this nightmare including the wildlife that has been affected. The oil is still there. I dont care what anybody says. We all know better.

Im almost there.

Music comes from inside your soul. I see music. I feel music. Most of all I love music. So get out and support Local, National and worldwide music.

They call it heartbreak.

Not a good week. My heart is broken. Im really new to this blog stuff but I'll try. This week I lost two people very dear to my heart. I know their in a better place now. I will be in the studio real soon. Hope to see you all. But as we all know tommorow is never promised, so tell that friend ,or family member that you love them. Cause to live with regret is always the wrong road.