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OnuS Heads Out

After two years in the studio, we've finished the CD "American Chameleon". It took a long while. Since we all have day jobs, kids, wives...lots of other things going on...but, we finished it! A real honest to goodness CD with ten original tunes that were conjured up, recorded, embelished and mixed in our home studios. You can find the result now on Amazon.com, Nimbit, Onusband.com...and soon iTunes too. Now, we're taking the show to the stage. Two performances under the belt so far. One, at Sweetwater...a great venue in Norcross, Georgia. The other at Uptown Loft-a purpose built live music venue in John's Creek. Both are suburbs of Atlanta. And Atlanta...is where you'll find us very soon. Rock on!

The Return of Epic Rock

Yes, it's true...this summer, at a computer near you, the retrun of Epic Rock will be at hand. What is good in life? To be victorious in battle, to see your enemies driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the women

Onus  (almost 8 years ago)

This is not gay