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The Bio of a star....HOLLA MANN

Blazing his way onto the scene Holla Mann stands posied to change the Hip-Hop game and return it to it's once prominent standing. The Mid-west native born and raised on the cold streets of Flint, Michigan brings word-play, punchlines and street ethos to a new level with his timeless rhyme style. Honing his abilities as a young mc listening to the greats like Rakim, LL Cool J, Ice-T and many more Holla has undoubtedly become a force like none other. His families musical background played a huge part in the musicHolla Mann is able to create today. His mother a choir singer and his father a trained musician led Holla to be able to form vast bodies of work that can range from energy filled to utterly heart wrenching. Opting to produce his very own first street album "The Big Gamble" Holla Mann is a jack of all trades and can be heard killing the sickest of tracks self produced or other-wise.Influenced by the forefathers of Flint Town rap and hustle, Holla Mann relocated to Atlanta, GA to not only expand his musical range but to also give his city a fair chance of making it's mark on the music industry.Combining corner hustler mentality and huge amounts of determination Holla has set out to be "next" when it comes to making music. "I make it work...good,bad,whatever...I make it work"- Holla Mann. With a cofidence and technique all his own Holla mann does work on any and all levels.