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Who is Jazzie J

Jazzie J was originally born Jasmine Ashad in the town of Austin TX. I have been performing ever since I was old enough to walk. I remember the first time I ever preformed in front of a audience I was four years old and I was playing a singing candy cane. I can remember the first time I opened my mouth the audience was captivated with me. I loved the fulfillment I got from performing and wanted more of it. I always loved to sing. (Mariah Carey was my idol.) I sang with the Austin Children’s Choir for 2yrs. I also preformed in many school plays. In about the 8th grade, I met a friend named Donny Elerby. The thing I remember most about Donny is he was like the most dedicated person I know. He always had a boom box in his hand, with homemade beats recorded on a cassette tape, he would be free styling everywhere he went. One day he told me the poems I wrote were just like rapping. So before you know it I started trying to free style. I remember my first rap was “My name is Jazzie, I’m from that 5"3 and I know yall boys can’t get wit me" And the rest is history, I have been rapping ever since. I am a firm believer of be the best you can be. Because you never know whose life you’re going to effect. If it wasn’t for Donny letting God use him to spark a interest and talent in me that I never knew I had. Who knows what I’d be doing right now. Thank you Jesus for leading me down this wonderful new path and adventure it’s been a ride and I can’t wait to see what new doors you open up for me......