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I don't really blog, but here's what's up:

I think this is my second blog post ever, which I think means I'm the second lamest person ever, but here's what's up:

I have been recording A LOT these past few weeks with the realization that I am moving in soon and am fast approaching the school year. My goal is sometime in October for the album release. The music is well underway - now, it's mostly stuff like graphics, etc. that I'm not so good with.

Just tonight I wrote what I think is the best, and certainly the most important, song I've ever written. It is called "Never Stop Remembering Pt. 2," because it is in the same key and in a similarly detuned style. It came about while re-recording the original. I heard something I wanted, did some more de-tuning, and instantly a melody blossomed like something had woken up inside me.

It is more personal than it's original, speaking of where I am right now. For a taste, it starts, "Hello world/It's me, a scared young man/Scared that his plan could be lost in the wind". We all encounter fear in what's to come, but for me, I think that fear is almost palpable, still in school, on a winding path towards a hopeful career as a music teacher, but for many reasons, that doesn't look like a good option. My only real hope is to think, "Someone's gotta do it, why not me?"

It has been a while since I've written new material. I have been able to get out some creativity with construction of the songs I'm recording, but actual new material was always a good lyric short until today.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. This was kind of nice to write like this - I am one step closer to understanding the greatness that is a blog. If I happen to not know you, drop me a line, I'd love to talk, and not about myself, either.