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http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/574878333/minus-touch-want-to-create-our-first-album We have all heard the negativity. Rock is dead. There are no REAL musicians anymore. These attitudes are defeatist in nature, oversimplifying, or worse, IGNORING the passionate musicians that cross just below the radar every day. It is our goal, to counter that idea. We create music, not just for us, not for YOU, but for everyone who will ever have a chance to listen to a song and let it move them. To get those goosebumps across their neck as the guitar solo comes to a crescendo. We want to make music that moves, enlightens, and inspires. That motivates ALL of us to dream and feel again. We want to share this passion and this journey with YOU, the music lover. The hopeless romantic. The dreamers and the night-time philosophers.

We wish we could do this on our own, as a gift to all of you and prove that passion alone is enough to make it. Sadly, that is not the case. We, like you, have been homeless, loveless, loved, hated, struggled and conquered, but we need YOUR HELP to achieve this dream. We are not rich, but we are rich in company and passion, and our hearts beat with a love of music. There are still plenty of great bands out there, but all of us need YOU to hear us and help us be heard. - Michael Medina (Vocalist)

The Band!

Today marks the first step of our journey to giving you new stuff. Got close to 10 more songs comin down the pipe and they should be rockin your face soon. We're also gonna start playin gigs again as soon as we find a new bassist and get him trained up. Hope you guys n gals are ready!

Working hard on new music.

So I am sure you guys are as tired of hearing it as I am of saying it, but we have new music on the way. Chris, Ryan, and I are hard at work on a new set of songs that should be posted sometime in the coming months. We are also trying to finish out our band roster with some Bass and Rhythm Guitar. Not to worry folks, we're all still alive and as passionate as ever! We are forever thankful for all of your support and hope the new stuff blows you the fuck away! -Mike (Vocals)